Whether your business is large or small, your staff can become like a family. Therefore, you want to believe everyone has the best interest of the company at heart.

Unfortunately, every family has a few bad apples. People like alcoholic grandpa Jim or your sister Jessica, the incorrigible gossip. Maybe it’s your Aunt Ursula and her habit of “borrowing” items without asking.

It’s all well and good to trust your staff to an extent. However, you also have to take steps to protect your business. This includes the sensitive data entrusted to you by clients, vendors, and employees.

It’s best not to allow open access to confidential data. If you do, it shouldn’t be a surprise if some employees give in to temptation. They steal it to get your data or otherwise use it for personal advantage.

You should hire a secure mobile document shredding company. Set up policies and procedures for proper document destruction. If you don’t, you’re playing with fire.

Here are a few reasons why that cardboard box that serves as your office recycling bin simply isn’t enough.

Locking Bins Prevent Unauthorized Access

Presumably, the documents that go into your recycle bin don’t contain sensitive data. Additionally, your recycle bin likely serves double duty as your document shredding pile.

Thus, you really need to consider the security ramifications of allowing unfettered access. In other words, you should use locking bins.

The good news is that you can find document shredding companies. They will leave locking bins in your office and collect them regularly for on-site shredding.

This ensures data security. Any documents deposited in the shredding/recycling bin are secured. Therefore, peeping eyes that shouldn’t have access to confidential data, won’t.

Secure Shredding and Recycling is Included

Hire the right Florida document shredding company. In doing so, you’ll get locking bins for your office.

Additionally, you’ll also receive secure shredding and recycling services. A mobile shredding service will come to you for collection and shred documents on-site, while you watch.

You’ll get access to state-of-the-art equipment that complies with any and all applicable privacy laws. From there, paper waste will be transported to a secure recycling facility. That’s a lot more security and service than you’ll get with a simple recycling bin.

Data Breaches and Identity Theft Will Cost You

Yes, you’ll have to pay for a mobile document shredding service. Let’s say you’ve suffered a data breach. Maybe it’s because unscrupulous employees have access to sensitive data.

This breach is going to cost you a lot more in terms of penalties, lost sales, and reputation. You’re better off paying for protection than testing the integrity of your employees.