Business Shredding Services

There are several reasons a business may need to shred documents, hard drives, or other media. These include decluttering, downsizing, protecting sensitive data, and even government regulations.

ShredQuick offers business shredding services, also known as commercial shredding services, that are convenient, secure, and certified. Our services are available for all businesses in Southwest and Central Florida.

Read below to better understand our business shredding services. You can call us at 866-934-3300 or complete the form on this page to get a fast, no-hassle price quote.

ShredQuick Mobile Shredding Truck being operated by an employee.

Our Onsite Business Shredding Services

At ShredQuick, we offer convenient, onsite shredding and destruction services to fit all business needs.

Our secure destruction services for businesses include:

We offer our services in two convenient options: one-time, bulk shredding and scheduled, recurring shredding. Read below to find out more about these options.

Bulk or One-Time Shredding Service

Our bulk shredding service is a one-time shred. We also call this a “purge”. If you have a file room or storage area full of confidential documents that have outlived their retention dates, or are a liability to retain, we can securely destroy them for you with our one-time, bulk shredding service. Fill in the form or call us to schedule this service.

You can also check out our video to see how our bulk shredding service works.

Route or Scheduled Shredding Service

Our route shredding service is a recurring service that we schedule according to your needs. Options include weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks. 

Given your unique requirements, we provide the appropriate number of secure locking collection containers for your facility. Once positioned in your facility, your employees simply deposit their every-day paperwork into the security containers. 

On your scheduled shred day, one of uniformed drivers will come to your location and empty the contents of the security containers. You can then view your items being shredded onsite via our shred truck’s security camera. 

You can check out our video to find out more about how our recurring shredding service works.

Our Trusted Process For Commercial Shredding

Our commercial shredding process is the most secure shredding process available. This is because we shred all your confidential documents on-site at your location in our mobile shred truck. 

Our process is so secure that ShredQuick has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified”, by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association.

Here’s how our on-site commercial shredding process works:

On your scheduled pickup day one of our uniformed drivers will arrive at your facility. They will be wearing their photo ID badge so that you know they are one of our representatives.

If you’ve chosen our route shredding service, our driver will pick up all the confidential documents that your employees have discarded into the locked containers strategically placed throughout your facility. Or if this is a one-time, bulk shred, our driver will pick up all your boxes of confidential documents.

Our driver will then empty all of your security containers or your boxes into one or more of our large containers and bring them directly to our shredding truck. The hydraulic lift on the truck then raises the container and empties everything into the shredder, where it securely destroys your confidential documents.

We equip all our high-tech shredding trucks with a camera and video monitor system as an additional security feature. This allows both you and our driver the opportunity to verify that we shred all your confidential documents.

After the driver brings the truck back to our plant, the shredded materials are baled and shipped to a paper mill for recycling. You then receive a Certificate of Destruction for every shred, as documentation for your records.

Protect Your Information, Hire a Reputable Shredding Company

If you’re a Southwest or Central Florida business and are in need of shredding services, consider ShredQuick. We provide our mobile shredding services to all areas in Southwest and Central Florida. Click here to view a list of our service locations.

To ensure a level of service that meets the highest standards, we remain active in the secure destruction industry and stay up-to-date on industry standards and best practices. In fact, ShredQuick has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association.

Customer Testimonials

Our shredding services are trusted by many Florida businesses. Here is what some of our customers have to say:

“We have been serviced by ShredQuick for many, many years and have been very happy. Our representative, Vic, has always been very professional, pleasant and helpful on his visits. The customer service has been very good also as we have made a few schedule changes which were handled quickly and smoothly. We thank Shred Quick (and Vic) for their efficient service and would recommend them to others.” – Com Center

“We have been using ShredQuick for 6 months now and we have no complaints. Love the fact that documents are destroyed right when they get to the truck, rather than who knows when. Great customer service from office staff and drivers. Two thumbs up!” – Fairway Funding

“I have been doing business with Shred Quick for several years and they strive to accommodate my needs. The onsite shredding system they have takes the worry out of disposing of sensitive documents. I highly recommend David Reed & Shred Quick!” – True Florida Cracker

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