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Can My Clinic Get a Rebate for Recycling X-Rays in Ft. Myers?

Two doctors looking at X-Ray scans. This image represents recycling X-Rays.X-rays are one of the most common types of medical diagnostic tools. It is estimated that doctors and practitioners across the globe take over 3.6 billion X-rays annually. That’s a lot of film and film jackets. 

There are several ways to get rid of old X-rays. Most hospitals hire a pickup service that will come and destroy them, but many of those companies don’t verify the weight of your X-rays and make you wait weeks and weeks for a rebate check.

Why Do Companies Offer Rebates for Old X-Rays?

X-ray film contains chemicals that, when exposed to light, produce a silver ion and an electron. During the X-ray process, the silver ions move together and form clumps of metallic silver. The silver can then be extracted and sold in a process known as silver recovery. 

While there is not much silver in each X-ray, large hospitals have thousands of pounds of X-rays worth thousands of dollars when processed for silver.

How to Recycle Old X-Rays

There is more involved in recycling old X-rays than you may think. Some laws require hospitals to store X-rays for a certain period of time, so sorting through which X-rays are recyclable is a huge chore in itself. 

When you decide to start the recycling process, you’ll need special containers to store and transport the X-rays. Once you’ve identified all of the items for recycling, you’ll have to schedule a pickup for transport to the recycling facility. 

You will then get a certificate that the X-rays were destroyed, along with your rebate check. However, as we said, many companies don’t verify your credit upfront and make you wait long periods for your check, so choose your company wisely. 

Other Benefits of Recycling X-Rays

X-rays (and X-ray sleeves, in particular) can contain confidential patient information. When you recycle these old files, you want to ensure that the document containing any personal information of patients gets destroyed. 

Large hospitals that process hundreds or thousands of X-rays a year end up using a lot of physical space to store the film. Some hospitals save these records on-site, taking up valuable space they could otherwise use to treat patients. Other hospitals pay a storage fee to keep the files off-site. Recycling helps clear the area and ensure the volume of records does not get out of hand. 

Benefit with ShredQuick

If you want to get rid of your X-rays safely, call ShredQuick and ask about our Weigh ‘N Pay X-Ray Recycling Program. When you work with us, you get verified weight, instant payment, and bigger checks right up front for your X-ray waste. 

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