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Can My Naples Small Business Safely Recycle Our Old PCs?

Electronic waste is a serious issue that’s still growing today. Businesses go through computers, servers, and other equipment quickly, and it all has to end up somewhere. In many cases, these items go to the landfill.

While computer equipment is a minor percentage of total volume going to landfills, it makes up a significant portion of toxic materials that end up there. Small businesses need to implement better end-of-life strategies for their computer equipment.

What Not to Do with Used Electronics

In various fields, directly reusing or remarketing equipment is the easiest and most effective way to avoid waste. However, you don’t want to do this with computers from your business. The reason? Data security.

Commercial data wiping software can offer you some protection but doesn’t cut it when confidentiality is a major concern. Your computers still carry sensitive data like client and employee information, even after you delete them. Reselling equipment that stored data always leaves the door open to someone recovering that data further on.

What Your Business Needs to Do to Protect Itself

To make sure that your data won’t get stolen, you need to destroy your hard drives. When you go with a professional company, they’ll be able to implement both magnetic data destruction and physical hard drive shredding to ensure that no one can recover your data.

This will protect your business in multiple ways. It prevents a data breach from affecting your reputation, it keeps third parties from accessing your bank accounts (or a client’s account), and it prevents private information from being used in phishing attacks.

Recycling Your Business’s PCs

A reliable hard drive shredding company will be able to take all of your computer equipment at once in order to recycle it. Some disreputable recycling companies will try to part out (disassemble) your equipment instead of shredding it to recycle base materials, that’s not what you want.

Make sure that the company you choose can provide you with a certificate of destruction. It’s best to find a company that’s certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. That way, you know your equipment is really being recycled and not resold with the risk of compromising your private data.

ShredQuick Professional Computer Recycling in Naples

ShredQuick can safely handle all of your small business’s computer recycling needs. We ensure that all components are safely destroyed to prevent data breaches. We also make sure that the materials are recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Call ShredQuick today for more information.

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