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Let’s say, the document shredding process is complete. Of course, you’re an environmentally conscious business owner. Thus, there is a common question to ask.

It’s “Can you put shredded paper in the recycling bin?” Unfortunately, the simple answer is no. All shredded paper placed in recycling bins will end up in a landfill.

Most Recycling Centers Won’t Accept Bits of Paper

Truthfully, paper is one of the most recyclable materials out there. Yet, why is shredded paper not recyclable?

This seems more understandable when you consider that old paper is recycled back into new paper. Consequently, most recycling facilities make use of gigantic screens.

This is done in order to dry paper prior to recycling it. The shredded paper does not stick to these screens. Also, it can even fall through. Fortunately, there is another solution.

What Happens When You Recycle Shredded Paper

Shredded paper placed in a recycling bin will most likely find a new home at a landfill. The process starts when it’s placed in the bin.

Then, it’s inspected and separated with the rest of the contents into piles. They include plastics, metals, papers, and items that are unable to be recycled. Obviously, paper shreds would fall into the latter category.

How Can You Recycle Shredded Paper?

The question really isn’t “can you put shredded paper in the recycling bin”. Instead, it is “should you?” Actually, don’t attempt to recycle it yourself.

Alternatively, consider hiring a mobile document shredding company. In reality, they adhere to federal and Florida document shredding regulations.

Also, they will do everything in their power to maximize efficiency. That, in turn, saves you time and money.

Recycling Is Easy With a Shredding Solution Company

Often, document destruction companies organize their shredded paper in a specific way. They put it into large bales. These bales are accepted by recycling facilities.

Thus, be sure to use a professional service. In doing so, you can rest assured your shreds are being recycled.

Maybe, you don’t have the amount of paper required for a mobile service. In that case, you can schedule a drop-off at a local. Certainly, they will be sure to recycle it for you.

Other Alternatives

Fortunately, there are everyday practices that can be implemented today. By doing so, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of paper containing sensitive information.

For example, many companies are offering digitized statements instead of paper ones. Hence, it greatly reduces the amount of confidential information lying around. Perhaps, you are not already doing this. Accordingly, now is a great time to start.