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Many businesses generate a wealth of paper.  Perhaps, you have years’ worth of company records on hard copy.  Already, they’re slated for scanning and document destruction. 

In reality, you may still produce a lot of printed documents daily.  Many offices have the lofty goal of going paperless. Likely, they still generate some amount of paper goods. 

Maybe, they have paper coming in from other sources.  Consider working with a reputable Florida document shredding service. In doing so, you’ll reduce the paper in your office.

They, you’ll upgrade to a relatively paperless system.  It’s a great idea.  Truthfully, it will save you space and reduce risks for data theft. 

Are you’re turning over an eco-friendly leaf?  If so, you need to know what happens to paper after it’s shredded. 

Can you recycle shredded paper to reduce the amount of trash going to landfills?  Is it possible to give paper products a second life?  Can you slow deforestation? 

The answer is generally yes.  Yet, it depends upon a couple of factors.  Also, you may need some help to get the job done. 

Here’s what you need to know about recycling the remains of document shredding. 

Can You Recycle Shredded Paper that has Already Recycled?

Paper can only be recycled so many times and turned into new products.  This has to do with the length of the fibers in the product. 

As a business, most of the paper in your office is probably of the long-fiber variety.  That fiber is used to create sturdy printer paper.  It won’t fall apart when ink hits the surface. 

However, in your commitment to going green, you may have switched to recycled paper products.  Can these still be recycled? 

The answer is yes.  In fact, during recycling, inks are removed from paper.  Then, it’s processed into pulps that are made into new paper products. 

Unfortunately, the process renders long fibers shorter than before.  Thus, it impacts new paper products that can be made.  Actually, paper can be recycled 5-7 times.

After that, the pulp must be mixed with virgin fibers to remain viable.  Generally speaking, all of your office paper is going to be high enough quality for recycling.

Additionally, you can throw in mixed paper like mail, magazines, and more. 

Does Your Local Recycling Center Accept Paper?

Now, you know your paper is eligible for recycling.  Therefore, the next question is: do you have a place to recycle it? 

You need to check with your local recycling center.  Also, look at facilities in neighboring communities.  In doing so, you’ll find out if they offer paper recycling services. 

Professional Help

Select a mobile document shredding service that handles recycling.  They’ll remove the remains.  Then, they will send it to a secure facility to prep for recycling.

In fact, they guarantee 100% of materials will be recycled.  Additionally, you’ll be provided with a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling.