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Can you shred X-rays? In short, yes. However, you can do it only after a period of time. Federal regulations have requirements for all medical facilities.

They must keep X-rays on file for a minimum of 7 years. After that, it is imperative the hospital or dental office destroys the X-rays. It needs to be done in accordance with established protocol.

The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) has strict rules. They include it being illegal to throw X-rays in the garbage. Furthermore, they must be destroyed so they can’t be reconstructed.

Document Shredding and Certificates Of Destruction

HIPPA laws require that business owners obtain a certificate of destruction. In doing so, they must prove their medical records were properly disposed of. This certificate is presented at the conclusion of the document shredding process.

Essentially, it states that your records were properly disposed of. Also, it proves you’re in accordance with federal and Florida document shredding regulations.

Hiring a Mobile Document Shredding Company

Perhaps, you suspect disposing of X-rays is an unnecessary hassle. Thus, you should partner with a third party company. Find one that specializes in disposing of X-ray film.

Many companies offer convenient drop-off services. Plus, some will come directly to you. Then, they’ll destroy your documents on-site. When selecting a company, make sure they are reputable.

You do not want to hand off sensitive information to just anyone. Therefore, check their online referrals. Also, speak with some of their current clients to learn about their reputation.

Take note of how they protect the information when it is in their possession. Additionally, pay attention to their methods for destroying it.

Can You Shred X-Rays That Contain Silver?

Keep in mind that most X-rays contain silver. In fact, it is reclaimed during the recycling process. Hence, you may get some money back for the X-ray film after they’re properly recycled.

Beyond that, properly recycling your old X-rays is equally beneficial for the environment. In reality, silver is a natural resource that can be repurposed.

It can be used as silver solder, silver plating, jewelry, and electronic components. Additionally, X-ray film contains other materials that could harm the environment. Therefore, consider how you dispose of your old X-ray film.

Truthfully, it is important to keep your business and patients’ privacy at the forefront of your mind. Certainly, recalling silver could net you some extra money. Also, it is by far the least important part of the process.