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Can Your Sarasota Company Get Sued for a Data Breach?

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As a business owner, you have many concerns when it comes to the success and security of your company. One of the bigger concerns many business owners have is whether or not their sensitive data is safe. Let’s say employee or client information were to leak or fall into the wrong hands somehow. Could that employee or client sue your company? We’ll explain.

Read on to find out if your Sarasota company is legally liable for a data breach and how to avoid data breaches altogether. 

3 Ways to Avoid a Data Breach

The answer to “can my business get sued for a data breach?” is yes. Your company is often responsible for a data breach. If someone steals your client’s or employee’s sensitive personal information, their identity is in jeopardy. They cannot sue the hacker who stole this information, but they can undoubtedly sue your business for failing to keep their sensitive information safe.

In order to avoid getting sued for a data breach, you’ll want to instill various practices at your company that keep personal information safer. Check out three ways for your Sarasota business to avoid a data breach here:

1. Educate Your Employees at Every Level

To ensure that your company’s data is safe at every level, you should educate employees on properly handling sensitive information. Employees should know how to use all data storage software and understand any necessary privacy protocols. 

2. Use Updated Software

If your company uses outdated software for data storage, your sensitive information will be more vulnerable to hackers. Employee management and data storage software is constantly updating to utilize the latest safety and protection firewalls. To guarantee that your company’s data is safe, ensure that you are always using the latest software.

3. Invest in Proper Data Disposal

The time will come to dispose of unneeded data or destroy old hardware that contains sensitive information. And when it does, you need to invest in the best possible disposal methods. Enlisting a credible company to provide paper shredding or hardware destruction can ensure that your company’s data is disposed of safely.

Data Security with ShredQuick

To make sure that you properly dispose of your company’s sensitive information, reach out to the team at ShredQuick! We are the privacy professionals. Our #1 priority is your company’s data and record safety.

We provide paper shredding and hardware destruction to businesses throughout Florida and can help you dispose of classified client or employee information today!

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