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How to Mitigate 3 Data Security Risks of Hybrid Employees in Clearwater

Things have certainly changed in the past few years. The Great Resignation saw such unprecedented employment shifts that now it’s pretty much normal for people to work from home. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty much normal for IT professionals to pull ...
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Seasonal Workers and Data Security: Is Your Data at Risk in St. Petersburg?

Finding seasonal help can be a great thing. It’s like someone sent reinforcements in your greatest time of need, which is really good. It helps your business compete in busy times but stay lean enough to gut it out when ...
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File Backups in Clearwater: Why They’re Important and How Often You Should Do Them

We all know we should back up our files, but most of us don’t do it often enough. Even if you have a system in place to back up your company’s computers or phones, you may not be doing it ...
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How Remote Access Work in St. Petersburg Could Be Making Your Data Vulnerable

Whether you're a small business owner or an employee working from home, remote access work can open your computer up to data vulnerabilities. Hackers are always looking for new ways to get at your data, and they've found a big ...
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Security Risks of Improper Cellphone Disposal in Tampa

As smartphone technology continues to develop, new technology is constantly being introduced into the market, causing customers to toss out their old, obsolete cell phones. Many customers may not realize that these phones may be recovered by criminals who want ...
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Why Every Tampa Business Needs Regular Vulnerability Scanning

Regardless of the organization, maintaining high standards for safety and security will help mitigate the risks of cyberattacks. To properly assess a company’s security needs, it’s necessary to first analyze what vulnerabilities exist in their current IT infrastructure. Many companies ...
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Data Privacy 101 in St. Petersburg: How to Keep Your Company’s Data Secure

A recent report by Identity Theft Research Center found the number of data breaches in the first three quarters of 2021 has already surpassed the total number in 2020 by 17%. The EY Global Consumer Privacy Survey reinforced the value ...
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Secure Shredding in Sarasota: What It Takes to Protect Your Company’s Data

Companies handle all kinds of sensitive data, including private information on both employees and customers. A data breach can ruin a company’s reputation, and there can also be direct legal ramifications. One of the most important parts of data security ...
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How to Write a Privacy Policy for Your Ft. Myers Business

Privacy policies are an important aspect of running a successful business and building client relationships. You want to ensure that your customers feel safe providing your company with necessary or relevant personal information. If clients don’t feel safe providing you ...
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What Is Data Security? An Overview for St. Petersburg Businesses

Is your digital information protected from hackers? Whether you’re holding sensitive health information or private financial records, the information you store on your hard drive is likely highly confidential.  When you’re running a business, you want your clients to feel ...
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