5 Ways to Reduce E-Waste in Your Home

There are so many useful features in electronic devices these days. You can call and send text messages, surf the web, stream audio and video, and chat face-to-face in real time with friends and colleagues - all from your phone, ...
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Can My Small Business Safely Recycle Our Old PCs?

Electronic waste is a serious issue that’s still growing today. Businesses go through computers, servers, and other equipment quickly, and it all has to end up somewhere. In many cases, these items go to the landfill. While computer equipment is ...
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Will the World Ever Go Completely Paperless?

Do you receive your bank statements via email or as traditional paper statements in your mailbox? Do you ask for a paper receipt, or have your receipt emailed to you when you make a purchase? These are decisions most people ...
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Why E-Waste Should Be Included in Your Company’s Cybersecurity Plan

Businesses depend on technology. Generally, companies upgrade their electronic and computer equipment every five years. Really, it’s necessary to keep up with business. Yet, staying current with technology generates the problem of e-waste. Actually, this includes outdated, discarded drives and ...
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E-Waste Disposal: What You Should Destroy and Why

Florida businesses and residents accumulate e-waste. Read below to learn how to identify e-waste, how it can be harmful, and what you can do to manage it. What is E-Waste and Its Types? E-waste is a term used to describe ...
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Why E-Waste Management Is So Important for Businesses

These days, millions of tons of electronic garbage (collectively known as e-waste) are discarded. Every day, they wind up in landfills, recycling centers, or other end-of-life locations. In fact, e-waste (computers, appliances, smartphones, tablets, wearable tech, and other gadgets) is ...
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Why Electronics Recycling is Extremely Important for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities are incorporating electronics as a learning tool more than ever. This can result in millions of tons of electronics waste onto an already-taxed planet. To that end, electronics recycling is more important than ever. This is especially true ...
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