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Certificate of Destruction: Why this document is essential for your Naples business

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Trust and responsibility help define the success of any business in Naples. Protecting customers’ privacy and business information are how companies cultivate those traits. When a data breach gets tracked back to your company, you need to establish unquestionable proof that you’ve taken every step to secure confidentiality.

That’s why a Certificate of Destruction is so vital. It verifies that your company has effectively destroyed outdated, private information using a professional service. You can only get this legal document from a licensed shredding and data destruction service like ShredQuick.

What a certificate of destruction does

A certificate of destruction protects your company in case of dispute over the release of sensitive, confidential information. It should be obtained any time you use an outside company to destroy physical or digital materials that contain personally identifiable information (PII), content protected by privacy laws, business trade secrets, or financial details. A certificate of destruction is also good to receive to verify the shredding of stray articles like images, shipping labels, travel boarding passes, and other objects with private info.

The most important reason for getting a certificate of destruction is that it’s legally submittable in case your company is audited or sued for releasing confidential data about your business, customers, or clients. It’s officially documented evidence that you’ve followed legal shredding protocol.

What’s on a certificate of destruction

A complete certificate of destruction usually contains:

  • A work order or serial number specific to your shredding job
  • Verification that your company effectively turned over materials for shredding
  • The name of the company hired to shred
  • Exact time and location that the shredding occurred
  • Statements of terms, conditions, policies, and fiduciary responsibilities for the shredding job
  • Names of the parties who performed the shredding
  • Names of the parties who witnessed the shredding

Any shredding company you contract should confirm that they provide certificates of destruction immediately after they complete each batch of materials they destroy.

Benefits of a certificate of destruction

A certificate of destruction is more than iron-clad legal proof of your data destruction practices that holds up in court. It also gives your company and customers peace of mind about information security. Documentation becomes more important as your company grows and expands. Certificates of destruction help establish a legacy to reflect your business in a positive light and boost its reputation.

Effective, by-the-book data destruction in Naples

ShredQuick covers every step of the data destruction process to ensure your Naples company remains in good legal standing, issuing a certificate of destruction after every order we fill. Contact us to find out more.

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