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Closing or selling your Orlando business? Why you need a shredding service

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So you’ve decided to shut down or sell your Orlando business. Whether congratulations or apologies are in order, there’s still one work item that you need to accomplish before moving on: Hiring a professional shredder to get rid of every vestige of your former occupation.

Just because your business is shutting down doesn’t mean you’ve given up all the responsibility — not just yet. You may still be liable for what happens if your old business materials fall into the hands of identity thieves or fraudsters.

A professional shredding service is the only way to guarantee you can move on — here are a few reasons why.


Theyre expert consultants on what you need to do

Shutting down a business isn’t just a matter of closing shop or handing the keys over to a new buyer. Even though you’re no longer in operation, you still have responsibilities to keep customer information and sensitive material from falling into the wrong hands.

Shredding service employees have deep experience in mitigating data and identity theft and can help take the guesswork of data security out of the very intensive process of closing your business. They’ll know what materials, policies, and activities you need to take care of that will limit your post-closing risks.


They can destroy almost anything

Consumer-grade shredders don’t always finish all the destruction need a professional company has. Even if your soon-to-be ex-employees spend hours eliminating all your solid paperwork, it may still be possible for enterprising thieves to piece them back together to glean the information they can use to the ends.

Shredding companies have advanced equipment that ensures total, thorough dismantling of all your most sensitive data, so that the information it contains is utterly irretrievable and gone forever.


They destroy much more than just paper documents

Documentation isn’t the only source of sensitive information about your business, nor is it the only way would-be criminals can take advantage of your company’s demise. ID badges, personal items, computers, data storage devices, and even discarded employee uniforms can yield just enough information for someone to use in their criminal efforts.

The best shredders get rid of more than paper items. They effectively destroy all the materials connected to your business that can pose a security risk — meaning, everything in your office.


Theyre secure and professional

Every professional shredder has a confirmed, assured process for doing business. They instill a firm chain of command, several quality checkpoints, consistent and dependable transportation routes, and constant monitoring to make sure they’re taking the right precautions and actions every step of the way.

Only after their job is 100% complete does a professional shredding company hand you a verifiable certificate ensuring your job is finished. They’ll always answer every question and concern you have with full transparency.


Theyll give you peace of mind

The closure of your business surely results in a wide range of emotions and concerns. As you get ready for your professional future or retirement, you can’t go forward with too much uncertainty or regret over unfinished steps, or whether you’ll still have some things to answer to after you’ve closed your doors.

Shredders can’t offer a lot of personal counseling, although they’re generally pretty sympathetic people. But they can take some of the excess worries off your shoulders by ensuring that every sensitive part of your business is out of reach for anybody else.


Take the last step with ShredQuick

ShredQuick has helped hundreds of Orlando companies eliminate the most sensitive, outdated information, keeping them compliant and safe even after they’ve shut their doors. Call us today to find out more about how we can help.

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