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Common Concerns That Businesses Have About Disposing of Confidential or Sensitive Information

Of course, the realm of data destruction and disposal is critical for businesses. Additionally, it can be a confusing space. These days, cases of a data breach and other cyber theft continue to skyrocket.

Yet, what if your company data falls into the wrong hands? Actually, the consequences can cause chaos. At risk are confidential employee information, financial records and bank account numbers. Also jeopardized are medical records, client data, and more.

Are you confident your Florida company is prepared for a potential data theft? Possibly, you won’t recover from or survive a data breach. Really, these are common questions among many companies. In truth, the golden rule is to destroy anything that contains data when no longer used. Thus, concerns remain.

Let’s look at some of these areas of data disposal trouble. Also, we’ll explain how to address them.

Trash, Recycle, Or Destroy?

Mostly, companies know old hard drives should be completely destroyed. Yet, what about other peripherals? This includes printers, medical x-rays, employee training media, or fax machines.

Naturally, recycling feels good. However, it doesn’t mean your data is safe. In reality, tossing things in the trash is easy. Indeed, that’s like hand-delivering your data to thieves. Simply stated, any device that holds data should be destroyed when it is no longer used.

No Vacancy

Perhaps, space is at a premium at your Florida company. Consequently, you might give up and haul old equipment and documents to the dumpster. In truth, this is a bad idea. Actually, it leaves your data vulnerable to theft.

There’s a better plan. It’s partnering with a reputable data destruction service. Select one with regular pickups. In doing so, you’ll reduce the risk of theft. Plus, the storage closet can be cleared at the same time.

We Can’t Afford It

Maybe, you already pay for regular trash pickup. Therefore, the added expense of data disposal can be an unwanted burden. Though, the alternative is far worse. In fact, the cost of improper document disposal is high for your Florida company. Accordingly, plan ahead today. By doing so, you’ll avoid big trouble later.

Can We Trust A Third Party with Our Data?

Remember, don’t let even one piece of sensitive information in the wrong hands. Otherwise, it can result in disruptions in production, employee layoffs, or financial loss. However, not all recycling companies destroy electronic devices and to that end.

Thus, it is critical to maintain a trusted data disposal network. Additionally, ensure your staff properly transfers confidential data to a trusted disposal source. Make sure there’s no intermediate access from others.

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