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Common Mistakes in Cleaning Out Your Naples Office

Letter tiles spelling out the word "PLANNING" with brightly colored calendars are behind.Smooth operations for offices in Naples require consistent organization. Really, this starts with your own desk space. Actually, office organization should become a habit. Also, you should schedule it at a sensible frequency.

However, it can be a frustrating chore if you forget a task or don’t execute it efficiently. Here are some errors that happen in desk organization projects. Additionally, there are ideas on how to prevent them. 

Not Having A Plan

Sometimes, large office-cleaning projects never get off the ground. That’s because they’re not planned. Consider desks and offices that are cluttered or disorganized. Really, starting blind means you handle all the tasks as they come up. Then, as each new job appears, you get discouraged that it may never end.

Truthfully, you can avoid this by creating a plan or checklist before you start. In doing so, you’ll know everything you need for a complete job. This includes cleaning out drawers, organizing office trays, filing documents, etc. 

Shredding Too Much

Maybe, you’re satisfied to shove a box of old documents through a shredder. However, before you do, remember that shredding is forever. Take time to ensure you’re not destroying something needed later. Hence, review each document. Then, set aside important items. 

Shredding Too Little

On the other hand, some items look more important than they are. Thus, they may have confidential information that’s not relevant anymore. Accordingly, that’s another reason to spend some time separating what needs to be kept.

Try to err on the side of shredding. However, know what information you can’t live without. Also, try to keep it to a minimum. Additionally, send as much as you can to its destination. 

Leaving Out Electronics

Perhaps, your physical desktop is spotless. Yet, your virtual desktop might have cluttered folders and unsorted documents. Thus, carefully clean your file directories.

Also, move unclassified items to relevant folders. Additionally, clear up used space on your hard drive. Get rid of digital items you don’t need anymore. This includes images and applications that take up lots of hard drive space. 

Abandoning the Project

Certainly, cleaning your office can be intimidating. Though, if it’s left unfinished, the mess will return sooner. Accordingly, don’t set a time limit on your office cleaning.

Instead, set up a checklist and organize the job item by item (sorting papers, reorganizing drawers, dusting bookshelves, managing digital data, etc.). Then, don’t stop until each task is out of the way. In doing so, you won’t have to schedule another session a month. 

Organizing Help for Your Naples Office

ShredQuick has shredders for those unnecessary documents. Also, we know what it’s like to have to maintain a functional office space. Therefore, contact us for your organizational and shredding needs.

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