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Common Questions About Hard Drive Destruction

Today, almost everyone is aware about the importance of and familiarity with paper shredding. Actually, the same attention is far less common with hard drive destruction. These days, it’s concerning in light of rampant identity theft issues.

Many of these originate with data
pilfered from computer hard drives and other electronic devices. In fact, the
very subject of hard drive destruction is not often discussed. Additionally,
many people carrying out the task are doing it all wrong. What gives?

Collectively, the common belief is
that deleting or wiping a hard drive clean is all that’s necessary to wipe data
forever. Yet, that’s not how it works. Truthfully, out of sight is not out of
mind with deleting your Florida hard drive data.

Really, there’s only one guaranteed
way to ensure private, confidential, and sensitive data is gone for good. This
is by complete destruction of the drive. Thus, professional shredding services
are the answer. Also, they will address other devices. These include SD cards,
mobile phones, flash drives, and related gear.

4 Common Hard Drive Destruction Questions

1. How
Does Hard Drive Shredding Work?

Actually, the best thing about it is the client doesn’t have to do anything. Most often, shredding services come to your location. Then, they might transport the items to a shredding facility.

Perhaps, they take out to their
mobile shredding truck at your Florida location. There, the drive is
obliterated from existence. You can even watch the process in action.

2. What
Information on Hard Drives Is Vulnerable to Theft?

The most common information targeted
by thieves is confidential. This includes bank and social security numbers,
credit card information, home addresses, and passwords. Hackers then use that
data to steal money or property.

3. Is
Electronic Data Shredding Regulated?

Yes, many states and local governing
bodies, including Florida, have shredding laws in place. Therefore, any
reputable service will be staffed with trained professionals. These folks follow
all applicable standards.

4. Is
Mobile Shredding A Safe Option?

Of course, mobile shredding is convenient.
In fact, shredding services take every precaution to follow procedures. First,
they start by logging hard drive serial numbers. Then, they destroy every
component of the drive. Finally, they recycle them separately. In doing so, it
guarantees no chance of recovery by cybercriminals.

Today, all companies are expected to
have data protection plans in place. Maybe, you don’t think your company is a
target for hackers. In that case, your mishandling of data by employees is an
equally imminent threat. In fact, more data breaches occur due to employee s
than hacker incidents.

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