It wasn’t that long ago that recordkeeping for businesses relied on paper copies. These days, computer technology has completely changed the way we do business. This is due to many options like electronic records management, cloud storage, and more.

That said, you may still have years’ worth of records in filing cabinets and off-site storage facilities. You may still create hard copies in a backup capacity. You probably do this even though you’ve largely migrated to digital files for your business.

Now is a good time to hand over your hard copies to a Florida document shredding service for scanning and destruction. Additionally, it’s now is a good time to consider going virtually paperless. Here are a few reasons why your company should eliminate paper records.

Less Mess

With proper document shredding, you can significantly reduce office clutter. You can even free up some space. Perhaps, there’s a lot of paper piling up on desks and floating around the office. Maybe you’ve got rooms full of filing cabinets for records storage.

It’s time to clear the clutter by scanning documents and going paperless. There is good news. Your mobile document shredding service can handle both tasks for your convenience.

Go Green

Companies that do their part to protect the planet can claim bragging rights. They will attract a certain segment of the market that rewards eco-conscious behavior with consumer dollars.

By going paperless, you are doing your part to slow deforestation and the resulting habitat loss. However, you also reduce manufacturing needed to turn trees into paper. Additionally, you’ll decrease the hydrocarbons created during shipping, cutting pollution, as well.

Save Some Dough

Paper costs money, as does ink and printing equipment. The space required to store paper records also costs you money. It may be either as part of your lease (plus utilities), or if you pay an off-site storage facility.

It’s time to say goodbye to your antiquated system. Instead, fully embrace digital documents. In doing so, you could save a lot of cash in the process.

Fewer Chances for Data Breach

Document destruction is an essential part of security. It’s required to remain in compliance with privacy laws. Additionally, it ultimately protects your business from theft and data breach. The more documents you have laying around, the bigger the risk that confidential data will fall into the wrong hands.

Your document shredding company can provide you with digital copies of your old, paper records. They will then shred them in compliance with applicable privacy laws. This will help your company to clear clutter, go green, save money, and increase security.