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Comparing Document Shredding to Just Recycling

Today, the news is saturated with another climate crisis or dire prediction of our environmental affairs. However, there is a silver lining. It’s that we are aware of the predicament. Consider it all. Everyone from the Greta Thunbergs of the world to giant corporations is doing their part to help.

Perhaps, you operate or work at a business of any size in Florida or elsewhere in the U.S. Likely, you’ve approached the time to determine the fate of unused, or outdated documents. Of course, recycling has been around for decades.

Accordingly, it was the go-to method. Recently, there’s been upticks in data security and privacy breach. In reality, they have raised a question of security for all of those documents.

Other options include shredding documents into barrels to be package filler or campfire starter. However, is it enough to send a staff member to the barely adequate paper shredder?

Let’s look at the differences between paper shredding and recycling to get a better idea of what we’re dealing with.

Paper Recycling Considerations

Certainly, recycling paper is easy. First, we toss the paper into bins and away it goes. Then, it’s picked up and transported by truck to an enormous recycling facility. Now, think about the time that paper is sitting.

Maybe, it’s in a bin at the curbside of your Florida home. Perhaps, it is on the loading dock at your workplace. In fact, there’s no law against or permit required for anyone to rifle through trash placed at a curb or similar location. Thus, any documents there are vulnerable to theft.

Really, trucks transporting recyclable paper are not secured like a Brink’s truck. Therefore, documents aboard are only as secure as the vehicle. Even then, they can be misplaced. Maybe, they’re stored in an easily-accessible location for days prior to recycling.

The recycling process itself is preceded by manual sorting. This is another time period in which documents are susceptible to theft. Let’s say your documents manage to make it through the recycling process. Then, will you receive verification of document destruction?

Paper Shredding Advantages

One major plus of paper shredding is the option of mobile, onsite, or offsite shredding. Of course, onsite is completed while you watch. Additionally, mobile services provide proof of completion. Also, professional shredding is secure.

Typically, documents are stored in a locked location. Then, they’re shredded immediately. Thus, there is no idle time. Actually, the recycling step takes place after shredding.

In fact, a professional service will provide a certificate of destruction. The responsible choice for document safety is professional document shredding. 


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