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Completely Erase Your Hard Drive for HIPAA Compliance

Do you work in the health care industry? Perhaps, your company is surrounded by patients’ private information every day. In reality, that data must be secure on internal computer hard drives.

Additionally, you must be in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). There’s a critical component of this regulation. In fact, it’s reliable and complete data destruction when necessary.

However, not everyone is familiar with what is involved in complete data destruction. Truthfully, a computer’s hard drive is a fascinating piece of technology. Hence, it’s intentionally designed for the recovery of data.

That’s the case, even after the drive is erased. Of course, this is a quandary for companies in possession of sensitive patient and client information. Maybe, this type of data from your Florida company is exposed.

If so, dire consequences could ensue. That includes legal action, compromised reputation, and straight-up embarrassment. To that end, let’s review what is at stake and how to manage it.

HIPPA Compliance Defined

HIPPA compliance relates directly to specific regulations. It’s regarding the security of confidential medical information. Actually, it includes standards on how to process electronic healthcare transactions.

Also, it involves data accessibility and specific requirements. These standards are necessary in order to comply with applicable privacy regulations.

HIPPA’s main driver is reliable safety measures for data protection and destruction. In reality, this entails documentation of hardware and paper needs.

Also, it involves hard drive destruction via magnetic degaussing or shredding. Plus, it necessitates data destruction involving certification, a present witness during the process, and third-party testing.

Hard Drive Erasing Methods

Many companies sell or discard used computers. Hence, they believe erasing associated hard drives protects sensitive data therein. In fact, deleting files doesn’t actually obliterate them. Instead, the information remains and is vulnerable to theft.

Of course, you want to ensure data is permanently eliminated from your Florida company’s hard drives. Therefore, secure data destruction is required.

Consequently, it keeps that information from falling into the wrong hands. Yet, how do you reach this goal? Today, specialized businesses are available. They clear hard drives in compliance with HIPPA regulations. Additionally, they provide certificates of destruction.

Hard Drive Wipe Software to The Rescue

Factually, the traditional deletion of data is unreliable. However, permanent deletion leverages coding of hard drive sectors. It’s done by overwriting them with zeros and leaving them blank.

In doing so, all previous information is gone for good. This, in turn, offers peace of mind for company managers. This is especially the case for those tasked with HIPPA compliance with lots of confidential data.

Consider the security of private information. Savvy Florida healthcare business owners’ partner with professional data destruction services.

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