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Cyber criminals are ramping up their attacks on businesses everywhere and it’s causing some alarm.

In a recent survey of small business owners 58% were more concerned with about suffering a major data breach that they were about an office fire, flood or physical break in. And 48% of those same business owners said that a major data breach would likely shut down their business permanently.

With data breach and consumer notification laws now in place in all 50 states, when a breach occurs, consumers are suing companies, often just minutes after the data breach has been made public.

It has even been suggested that law firms specializing in personal information protection will become the next generation of “ambulance chasers” suing any company that has experienced a data breach.

A small business must meet the same data protection mandates as a large business, but with significantly fewer resources. So to help our valued clients address complex privacy requirements and to provide expert support in the event of a data breach, ShredQuick has partnered with CSR Privacy Solutions to provide an online privacy management portal.

This interactive portal will now be part of your regular service and help your business meet mandated state and federal privacy requirements.

Here Are the 3 Main Components of Our New Data Protection Portal:

1. Privacy Assessment and Policy Templates

Our Privacy Assessment helps your business improve the way it handles personal information. It gives you the flexibility to analyze your privacy practices, and is supported with a privacy resource library.

Our Policy Templates allow you to customize your own privacy policies and security plans for your business. Hiring a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) or an attorney to create these documents would cost thousands of dollars, but we include all these templates at no additional charge:

  • Privacy Notice
  • Personal Information Management Policy
  • Digital Security Plan
  • Business Continuity Disaster Plan
  • Incidence Response Plan
  • Physical Security Plan

Each template walks you through the process step-by-step, making it easy to create the policies and plans your business needs to satisfy state and federal privacy laws.

2. Threat Scanning

Your company website and firewall are the first lines of defense to protect the personal information of your customers. Our platform will automatically scan your website and firewall every month and provide a report identifying any vulnerabilities. You can then forward each monthly report to your IT support person, so that any issue can be addressed.

These monthly threat scanning reports also provide on-going documentation that your business is addressing privacy and information security concerns and taking “reasonable measures to protect and secure data containing personal information about a Florida resident” as required by Florida law.

3. Breach Support

A dedicated Certified Information Privacy Professional is available 24 hours a day to analyze and assess a breach event on an individual, customized basis. Our privacy professionals advise you of your reporting and notification requirements, from both a regulatory and consumer notification perspective.

If you feel your business may have had a breach, simply login to your portal, choose “Breach Support” and complete a brief form. Within two hours a Certified Information Privacy Professional will analyze your situation to determine whether breach reporting and customer notification is required.

If a breach has occurred, your CIPP will walk you thru the entire process providing reporting templates and support until the breach notification process is resolved.

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