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Destroying Confidential Documents for Better Protection in Orlando

A well maintained intersection in a with a blue pickup truck driving through.These days, most of the news stories you read about data concern cybercrime. This includes hacking into private networks. Also, it encompasses accessing confidential digital information.

Plus, it involves reconstituting old hard drives. This is done to obtain and exploit sensitive information. Really, these security failings affect many people and cost companies billions of dollars.

However, paperwork is still a major source of data for businesses in Orlando. Additionally, criminals use it to accomplish their missions. Consider the cybercrime reported in the news.

Often, there’s an incident of failed security involving paper documentation. Of course, digital data may be the wave of the present and future. However, protecting paperwork is still a 21st-century issue. 

Paperwork: Still A Tool for Criminals

In fact, paperwork is as vulnerable to compromise as digital data. Thus, criminals still use paper to gain access to confidential information. Even more rampant, are hacked computers on digital networks. Still, businesses use old-fashioned paper to keep customer records.

Hence, depending on the business, confidential information can be very detailed. Account statements have identifying numbers. Also, they contain contact information. Both, can be used to set up fake accounts or make fraudulent credit purchases.

Really, certain government documents have confidential data. Often, it is used to claim bogus tax refunds. Also, compromised medical records can be used to file illegal medical insurance claims. Sometimes, just a stray Social Security number is enough to perpetrate identity theft. 

Shredding: A Vital Security Tool

Essentially, getting rid of old documentation through shredding addresses more than office space and waste removal. In reality, it’s a tool for handling serious security issues. Accordingly, professional shredding services protect private information for your customers, employees, or other contacts.

Actually, this is a crucial step. It keeps an individuals’ bank and credit accounts, contact information, and personal data safe. Regarding Orlando businesses, shredding helps avoid legal liability from security breaches.

Naturally, a complete security plan requires the proper elimination of paper materials. Also, it includes the protection of cyber assets. Certainly, criminals steal cyber-data. Yet, printed information is just as good as digital information, maybe better. 

Keep Your Orlando Business Safe from Paper Security Breaches

ShredQuick helps companies in Orlando maintain total security. We have industrial-grade shredders. These make the information on your outdated documents inaccessible. Therefore, it keeps your employees, business partners, and customers safe. Plus, it gives you peace of mind.

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