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Different Ways to Get Your Ft. Myers Employees Excited About Information Security

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For generations, shredding important documents containing confidential information once they are no longer needed has been the most foolproof way to ensure the safety of a company’s sensitive material. However, with the increased use of technology such as computers, smartphones, and tablets in the workplace, many businesses have gone partially or completely paperless, leaving classified employee and company information exposed to the danger of hackers.

Though most companies have an IT department specifically designed to maintain data security for all employees, this security can’t be properly maintained without the inclusion of the employees themselves in the line of defense. Developing simple security practices for your Ft. Myers employees to follow with all of their employer-provided devices can greatly reduce your company’s risk of getting phished by an outside entity.

Like any new company policy, the best way to encourage employee comprehension and consistent following of new guidelines is to make the process fun and exciting. When it comes to implementing practices for information security into the day-to-day functions of your employees, there are a few key ways to keep things interesting.

Make the meetings fun. If your new security policies are being implemented companywide, chances are you’ll have to hold at least a few meetings with different types of staff to make sure everyone is on the same page. Keep these meetings light with refreshments, a fun and colorful presentation, and even some comprehension games to make sure everyone is processing the information. The more interesting and stimulating the presentation of the information, the more your employees will retain everything they need to know.

Create a reward system. Find tangible ways that your employees can report their adherence to the security guidelines and reward them for it! This could include anything from a free lunch to an extra vacation day, depending on how high the stakes are for your company’s data security as well as the prizes you’re able to give. Reward systems can even encourage some friendly competition, which only increases participation.

Make sure everyone knows your security team. If your Ft. Myers company has an IT department or a similar data security outfit, make sure that they are well acquainted with your employees and vice versa. Consider hosting a group meeting or even a casual mixer to make sure your employees understand and appreciate the exact services your security provides. This will also encourage employees to be more comfortable reaching out to security personnel should they have any questions or concerns.

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