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Digital vs. Paper Data Breaches in Naples: Why Paper Records Have Similar Risks

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There’s a common myth that alleges something along the lines of the following: paper is more secure than digital. While it stands to reason that you can indeed reduce your exposure by keeping a lot of data in analog form rather than in the cloud, there are still risks.

Paper Files Can Be Stolen

If a computer can be hacked, paper can be exploited too. Just as any computer needs to have a connection to the internet in order to be useful (by virtue of its having been connected to other computers), so a physical file room must have at least one door in order to be functional. 

Any point of possible entry is a point of vulnerability. 

Much as you could conceivably build a computer that’s hack-proof by simply not connecting it to the internet, you could also build a file room without a door, but that wouldn’t be very useful. You’re only as secure as the weakest point in your chain of data-handling protocols.

Your Files Are Only as Safe as Your Protocols

If you don’t lay down the ground rules for how your data is handled, people will take advantage of any opportunity to cut corners. 

People will leave important paperwork on their desks during coffee breaks, or they will simply forget things. Even if you build your business on paper in the effort to keep it from prying eyes, human nature is human nature — people fail. Paper isn’t automatically safer; it carries its own risks.

Paper Is Scannable

All it takes is a moment, and one page of your all-analog file system can be digitized and fully uploadable, able to travel the entire world with just a few clicks. Are you prepared for that eventuality? How do you manage the files you need to keep, and what do you do with the files you need to destroy? Is your process secure enough?

ShredQuick Is the Answer

If you had one or more of our lockable deposit bins on site, here’s how the process would work: we come to you. 

One of our uniformed technicians collects your sensitive documents for secure, on-site destruction in one of our trucks (which are constantly monitored by security cameras). Once your papers have been shredded, the remains are transported to our baling site and shipped for recycling, and you receive a certificate for each and every job we do. 

Find out how you can make your paper documents more secure with ShredQuick today.

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