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Digital vs. Traditional X-Rays: What St. Petersburg Companies Should Know

Two doctors looking at X-Ray scans while seated at a computer desk. This image represents comparing Digital and Traditional X-Rays.

Most people have gotten an X-ray. Put on a lead apron and stand still as a giant camera aims at the part of the body that needs scanning. In the back of your mind, you probably have a lingering thought about the amount of radiation you’re experiencing. After all, that’s why the technician leaves the room; otherwise, they risk constant exposure.

The truth is that the occasional X-ray most likely will never cause you any harm. You’ll experience more radiation from flying on a plane. But limiting the amount of radiation from X-rays is still a worthy goal, and if X-ray images become more precise in the process, that’s even better.

Digital and Traditional X-Rays

With the advent of digital cameras, digital X-rays were an inevitable leap. Just as traditional photography relies on imprinting an image onto film, so does traditional X-ray imaging. The digital X-ray process is identical, except the detector transfers the image directly to a computer instead of a film. This new, digital process is more efficient, too, and has the side benefit of lowering X-ray radiation by 80%! Images made with digital X-rays are also sharper and more well-defined.

Benefits to the Environment

Because digital images store easily on hard drives and cloud services instead of taking up physical space, they create almost zero waste. Traditional X-rays rely on toxic chemicals to develop. If offices discard traditional files improperly, chemicals can leak into the surrounding environment. 


Keeping X-rays around, even if they are destined for the shredder, eats up valuable space. You can store digital X-rays indefinitely in nearly infinite numbers on computers. That also makes digital X-rays easier to access for doctors and patients since they don’t have to rely on retrieval from a remote file. 

Zooming in on smaller sections of the image is a more straightforward process with digital X-rays, as well. The improved clarity of digital X-rays means taking multiple closeups of a specific body part isn’t as necessary. 

Destroy Old X-Rays with ShredQuick

Whether you have stacks of traditional X-rays that need disposal or hard drives full of digital X-rays, ShredQuick can make them disappear in a flash! How? We have a HIPAA/HITECH-certified method of destroying X-rays. First, our shredding experts will weigh your X-rays at pickup. Then, we’ll hand you a rebate check immediately (that’s right, no waiting) and safely recycle your shredded X-rays. Protect patient privacy and make some extra storage space. Call ShredQuick today!

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