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Do I Need to Remove Staples, Paperclips, and More Before Shredding in Ft. Myers?

Stack of paper sitting on an office desk. The papers are separated by colorful paperclips.

When you partner with a reputable paper shredding company, you can rest easy knowing your sensitive documents are safe from identity thieves. If you’re a business owner or manager yourself, that’s very important, as employee and client information is protected under law, and you may be liable for any breaches or leaks. 

Are you getting ready to shred some documents in Ft. Myers? Wondering how to prepare the documents? We’re here to answer your questions. 

Do I Need to Remove Staples or Paperclips?

In short, no! When you work with a professional shredding company, you don’t have to worry about removing small items before tossing your documents into secure containers in your office or home office.

On the other hand, if you’re using a personal shredder to do the job, you’ll likely need to remove paper clips, staples, and other similar stationery items before you start to shred your documents. That’s a very time-consuming process. A missed staple or clip could easily jam your machine and put your paper shredding to a grinding halt.  

Do I Need to Remove Binder Clips?

Are you getting ready to hand over a bunch of work-related forms, documents, and records to a professional shredding company? Are they all bound together by clips (large or small)? 

Don’t waste your company’s precious time removing them. Almost all professional paper shredders can effortlessly shred or cut through paper clips and binder clips. Residential and commercial customers can throw it all in the secure bin and let the shredders take care of the rest.

All that being said, if you’re using a simple personal or office shredder, there’s a very good chance that the machine can’t handle clips. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a professional shredder that will save you time and headaches, all while guaranteeing your sensitive documents are safe and shredded.

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