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In regards to running a business, a lot goes into the equation. There’s one important thing a business owner can do. It’s to hire individuals that are skilled and trustworthy. Businesses usually have data that is confidential.

Therefore, it makes sense that hiring trustworthy employees is a priority. With that said, data is not only accessible to employees. Actually, security breaches can make confidential data easy for experienced hackers.

Thus, it is important to appoint a data retention and deletion officer within your organization. These individuals know how to properly store and dispose of confidential data.

Why Appoint a Data and Deletion Officer?

These days the nature of technology is portable. Thus, it’s easier for people to get their hands on devices holding confidential data. In fact, there are studies on this subject.

They found close to 25% of organizations have experienced some kind of in-office IT theft. Additionally, that same percentage is attributed to the theft of mobile devices from cars.

Nowadays, stealing pieces of technology has become easier. However, many businesses don’t have a plan for protecting these devices and their data. Thus, hire an appointed data and deletion officer.

In doing so, their role is to know where these devices are at all times. Also, they must properly isolate a device from the overall network if it has been stolen. Often, a company’s hardware ages and is ready for replacement.

Thus, it’s data and deletion officer has a big job. They must make sure no information or connections of any kind remain on that particular device. Additionally, they need to ensure all the hardware’s document destruction has been completed.

How to Set Up a Data Retention and Deletion Policy

Now, set up an overall policy. In doing so, it means there must be standards in place that the company outlines in detail. What happens when equipment is stolen or decommissioned?

Who handles document shredding? How does the company handle mobile document shredding? What kinds of information are on each piece of hardware?

Does your company have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy in place? If so, will the employees be required to register their devices?

Hence, build an appropriate policy. Then, appoint a data and deletion officer. They will implement that policy. In doing so, it can reduce your company’s risk of data theft.

Finally, contact Shred Quick. They’re a Florida document shredding company.  In truth, they’re an ideal organization. They will help you rid your business of any unwanted yet sensitive data.

Additionally, it’s best to use a shredding service. In fact, it’s a step to add to your company’s data retention and deletion policy. Thus, it will ensure that your data remains safe and in the right hands.