“The office of the future will be paperless.”

That was the bold prediction in an article featured in Business Week magazine on June 30, 1975. In that same article it was also suggested that, “by 1990 most record handling will be electronic”.

Yet despite those predictions most organizations continue to experience a 20% – 25% increase of stored paper documents, each and every year.

Now you can have the office of the future and reduce your document storage costs with our document scanning service. Whether you want to digitize all of your documents or “scan on demand” we can convert your paper records to searchable, digital images, thus eliminating the need for file cabinets and excess storage space.

Here’s how our document scanning process works:

1. Pick Up – We pick up your documents at your location and bring them back to our secure facility.

2. Scan – Documents are then scanned and indexed for easy retrieval.

3. Store– Scanned documents are stored online on either our server or yours, or we can simply burn them to a CD/DVD.

4. Scan On Demand– If you only want to convert some paper documents to digital format or you want to access documents we’re already storing for you, we can also “scan on demand” and send your files directly to you via email attachment or via FTP.

5. Retrieve– Using the index or keyword search feature, your archived electronic documents can quickly be found and accessed by all authorized personnel in your organization. We can even set up separate authorization levels to correspond with different groups of documents.

6. Shred– Once all your documents are converted to digital we can even shred your paper documents for you. All we would need is your written authorization.

Take The Next Step
Do you have too many files and not enough office space? If you’d like to explore document scanning as a way to securely store and access your confidential files, just give us a call. When you do we’ll review your options and help you make the choice that’s right for your organization.

ShredQuick Has Been Awarded The Highest Security Rating, “AAA Certified” By The National Association For Information Destruction

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4.7 out of 5 stars

Susan Roeder
Susan Roeder

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I recently had to do a major downsize and was so overwhelmed with all the items I had to shred. ShredQuick on Lena Road, Bradenton is the bomb! The folks there are absolutely amazing. They helped me calm down and do exactly what I wanted to do! I wanted to take care of what of all items and make sure needed nothing got in the wrong containers. I got such a run around with other shredding companies, this however was group is a god send. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this group of great folks! Thank you so very much!

Angela Williams
Angela Williams

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I've been a regular customer of Shred Quick for several years now and the service has always been great. The technicians are always professional and respectful. A person is always available at the office when I call instead of a recording. I definitely recommend Shred Quick to destroy any confidential material you may have.

Carolyn Bongiovanni
Carolyn Bongiovanni

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I've been using ShredQuick for years and they always show up on time every month. The staff friendly, helpful and professional. Highly recommend.