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It’s hard to deny that humans are doing some damage to the environment. Things like deforestation being on the rise and waning of biodiversity.

Not to mention, all kinds of indicators of climate change pointing to global warming. Thus, many companies are looking to do their part to cut back on waste and pollution, Instead they’re embracing eco-friendly initiatives.

There’s a great way to do this. It’s to look for ways to operate your business in a more sustainable manner. Additionally, addressing your document shredding policies could play a role.

Here are a few ways you can improve sustainability with document destruction. Their implementation will keep your company secure.

Recycle Shredded Materials

The best place to start when it comes to sustainable shredding practices is with recycling. Do you shred documents in-house and throw the paper waste in the trash? If so, you’re risking a data breach. Also, there’s the threat of identity theft.

After all, dumpster divers can get their hands on sensitive data. Then, they reconstruct documents using sophisticated computer software. Yet, you’re also sending tons of recyclable paper to the landfills.

The more we’re able to recycle paper products, the fewer trees we need to cut down. Therefore, don’t think of paper products as inconsequential.

It’s best to recycle used paper. Then, turn around and purchase recycled paper. This, in turn, helps to create a more sustainable system. Hence, it slows the rate of deforestation.

Develop Paperless Policies

Hire a mobile document shredding service. In doing so, it can be your first step toward cutting paper waste.  You’ll be on your way to developing a paperless office.

It begins with finding the right company. They will help you make the switch to digital document storage. They do it by scanning and digitizing your backlog of records.

Soon, you’ll have your secure digital storage system set up. Then, you can start filing new data digitally. Potentially, this curbs the amount of paper generated in your office. Of course, no office is completely paperless. Hence, there are documents that need to be retained.

These include original copies of signed contracts and tax documents. They should be kept for legal purposes. Yet, you can set up a largely paperless system for greater sustainability.

Hire an On-Site Shredding Service. Perhaps, you didn’t know something. Your Florida document shredding service improves your overall sustainability. It does more than haul your paper remains to a secure recycling facility once they’ve been shredded.

Consider the car trips employees make to carry paper waste to recycling facilities. Your shredding service uses large trucks and planned routes. Thus, they cut down on carbon emissions.

In other words, you get the reliable, efficient, and secure document destruction you require. Plus, it’s in a sustainable package.