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For many, a new year marks a clean slate. Thus, there’s an opportunity to start anew and rid yourself of clutter.

Therefore, it’s the perfect opportunity to clean up your life. It’s time to take advantage of document destruction.

Maybe, you have a junk drawer filled with miscellaneous documents. If so, now is the perfect time to say goodbye to clutter heading into 2019.

Here are a few notable documents that should be in your “shred” pile:

Past Relationship Mementos

Perhaps, you had a relationship end in 2018. Hence, shredding old love letters, photos, or mementos helps start 2019 on the right foot.

The act of document shredding is very therapeutic. That’s especially true when trying to part from certain documents.


Let’s say you have paid a bill and it’s been confirmed. Thus, there is no point in keeping the bills around.

Go ahead, shred old credit card statements, bank statements, etc. In doing so, you keep clutter to a minimum.

Additionally, you reduce the risk of identity fraud. That’s because shredded documents are more difficult for identity thieves to interpret.

Medical Records

Of course, you should keep records of anything ongoing. Maybe, you have old medical or dental records. They no longer apply to your current situation. Therefore, there is no use keeping them around.

Also, this idea applies to veterinary medical records. Do you have old records for your pets that no longer apply? If so, shred them.

Bad Memories

Some documents are tied to certain life events. They were stressful or, at the very least, unpleasant.

Are you are still dealing with the aftermath of those events? Do you need certain documents as proof?

If not, shredding anything that reminds you of said events is a great tool. Actually, it allows your moving on from that experience.

Documents with Digital Backups

In an office setting, paper documents can quickly pile up. Consider hiring a company like Florida document shredding company, Shred Quick.

Thus, you’ll utilize its mobile document shredding services. By doing so, your office is easily de-cluttered before the start of the New Year.

Go ahead, rid yourself of documents that are taking up space before 2019 begins. Hence, the year starts on an organized and clutter-free note.

Remember, for personal information, document shredding is the smarter choice (as opposed to simply tossing a document into the trash). In fact, it is the safer choice.