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Does Your Business Give Away Sensitive Information Without Even Knowing It?

These days, all businesses work with and retain sensitive information. In fact, it doesn’t matter the company size or industry. Included, is everything from employee information to client data. Also, it encompasses medical and other information on file in an office.

Thus, lots of private information is stored on the hard drives of computers. Additionally, some is located on other peripheral devices. Yet, what about confidential data when your Florida company upgrades equipment? How do you dispose of the old to make room for the new?

These days, identity thieves wait for companies to unload old electronics. Maybe, they retrieve 100 boxes of outdated documents. Perhaps, you don’t already have a diligent document destruction program in place.

In that case, you’re giving away sensitive information. Likely, you do not even know it. Nowadays, it’s important to understand the risk of outgoing information. Really, consider the following. Hence, you’ll establish and maintain a thief-proof disposal routine.

All Devices Hold Data

Often, Florida companies know something important. It’s not to throw out old computers and paper records in the trash. However, virtually every other electronic device also contains sensitive information.

Truthfully, old fax machines, copiers or tablets contain personal and business data. Actually, it’s eadily found by experienced theives. Truthfully, they can get to information almost anywhere. In reality, a bank account number or a Social Security number is easily obtained.

Under-The-Radar Targets

Maybe, you’ve wondered how an employee’s company badge works? Consider what’s inside. Probably, it’s proprietary company information. Perhaps, it is data specific to each employee. Let’s say they’ve lost their badge. Maybe, it’s lost or stolen. Thus, anyone with it could enter restricted areas.

Of course, these areas contain vulnerable information or equipment. Plus, there are other targets for thieves. This includes document forms such as legal files, client names, and account information. Also contained, is confidential employee data, names, addresses, and other intel.

Is Recycling the Answer?

Currently, Florida companies recycle their old electronics. Yet, is it the right choice? Indeed, recycling is admirable. However, it doesn’t guarantee the safety of private information. Therefore, destroy the data on electronic devices completely. Hence, it recovering it is impossible.

How, then, can you ensure the full destruction of sensitive information? In fact, the answer is to partner with a data destruction service. Select one that’s certified and experienced to do the job. Also, choose a NAID-certified company.

By doing so, you can trust their staff with your private data. Plus, security measures are in place every step of the way.

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