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There’s no way around it. Truthfully, businesses will always be at risk when it comes to identity theft. It’s important to know how to keep your company’s confidential information private.

Thus, document shredding is crucial. However, proper document destruction involves more than you’d expect.

Perhaps, you’re shredding papers in a paper shredder purchased from your local office goods store. If so, that isn’t good enough.

Therefore, it’s critical to ensure the security of your company’s information, your employees’ information, your information, and the information of your clients.

In reality, they must remain safe. After all, you want them out of the hands of identity thieves. Hence, it’s wise to hire a mobile document shredding company.

They’ll come to your place of business. Then, they’ll professionally shred your documents.

Of course, business owners and employees must understand which documents are placed in the “shred” pile. Here is a list of all documents to shred regularly:

Employee and Customer Personal Information:

  • Names
  • Mailing and Email addresses
  • Social Security numbers, passport numbers, driver’s license information, banking numbers (credit cards, account numbers, etc.)
  • Phone numbers
  • Resumes and various hiring documents
  • Photos or documents describing physical attributes
  • Personal property information like car registration information, license plate numbers, and VIN numbers.

Confidential Business Information:

  • Ownership information, any trade secrets, information about copyrights and patents
  • Customer and vendor invoices, shipping information, and purchase orders
  • Payroll, procurement, and supply chain records
  • Passcodes and logins for company equipment
  • Sales projections or forecasts
  • Marketing plans
  • Product development plans
  • Financial records
  • Devices with stored information like hard drives, flash drives, and/or discs

There are many reasons why identity thieves target the items listed above. In truth, these items include personal information.

Thus, it’s easy to open accounts under fake names. Therefore, precautions should always be taken when disposing of the aforementioned items.

In fact, there’s a great way to ensure that your information is completely destroyed. It is to hire a shredding company. Consider Florida document shredding company, ShredQuick.

Do you think you are saving money by shredding documents yourself? Think again. In reality, professional shredding businesses are required to hold certain certifications.

Also, they are well-versed in how to properly dispose of a wide range of confidential information. This includes information held on various electronic devices.

Things like hard drives, for example, need to be completely destroyed. Of course, wiping hard drives is always a great idea.

However, the physical shredding of hard drives removes all likelihood that the information can be recovered.

Therefore, keep the confidential information of your businesses, employees, and clients in the right hands. Also, make sure that all documents are shredded professionally.

Additionally, ensure that all of your employees understand which documents should be destroyed. This is easily accomplished by educating them using the list above.