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Drop the “Keep Everything” Culture: 3 Tips for Naples Businesses

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It’s not just homeowners who hold on to clutter “just in case.” Businesses are just as guilty of keeping everything. A cluttered business space can be just as overwhelming as a cluttered home. 

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to declutter and create an ordered business.

1. Manage Your Business Records

If you have invoices, receipts, and financial records littered throughout your office, you need to sort them out. Even if you have them painstakingly filed, you need to sort them.

Business records are important, but you don’t need to keep everything forever. As a general guide:

Business tax returns and their documentation should be kept permanently. 

Employee records, including job applications, resumes, performance reviews, files, job descriptions, and any on-the-job injury reports, must be kept for ten years after the employee leaves the company.

Payroll tax records and employment tax records, including timesheets, benefit payments, and employee information, should be kept for a minimum of four years after the last time the employee’s return was filed or their taxes paid. 

Financial records of any kind need to be kept for seven years. Keep any ownership records, licenses, insurance records, and claims permanently.

Anything that has passed the above guidelines can be shredded. Call in the professionals in document shredding to ensure your information is not compromised in the process.

2. Manage Your Expense Receipts

Receipts thrown into boxes or put into drawers are a disaster waiting to happen. While it’s tedious work, expense receipts must be dealt with at least weekly.

  • Record the transactions
  • Documents all receipts then file them with appropriate paperwork
  • Keep electronic records of all expenses and invoices to be paid

Keep one area for all record-keeping and date every document box or file with the correct information for easy retrieval. Once they have passed the expiry date, call in professional shredding.

3. Think Safety

Old office equipment stockpiled in a storage room or office is a waste of space and worse still, a safety hazard. Even stationery supplies can be a safety hazard if not stored correctly. 

  • Throw out any damaged office furniture or equipment immediately
  • Stationery and office supplies need a dedicated area that is clean and sorted
  • Stock and work supplies should be unpacked from boxes immediately, not stored on the floor
  • Remove rubbish or waste daily
  • If you don’t use it — get rid of it 

A clean and orderly work environment is conducive to productivity and a positive attitude.

Expert Shredding in Naples

Sorting out old business records, office equipment, and filing is liberating. A decluttered office creates a productive workplace with everything stored correctly in its own space. 

ShredQuick is Naples’ shredding expert, managing Florida’s document retention and shredding processes since 2002. Call us now for a quote and expert advice on how we can assist you in managing your business records.

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