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E-Waste 101: Are Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Sites in Sarasota Safe?

Old computer, phones, camera and more electronics fillign up a green dumpster so much that it can't close. This image represents safe e-waste disposal.

Electronic devices only last so long. That isn’t just because they break, but because they also become obsolete. When released, your VCR, fax machine, eight-track player, and tube-TV were the height of technology. But now, they are essentially worthless. 

Many thrift shops won’t even accept some of these items anymore! But what do you do with these old devices if you can’t give them away? Throwing them away isn’t a good option since appliances and electronics contain harmful substances.

Disposing of Electronics

Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” refers to electronics that have reached the end of their useful life. Since technology marches on and new gadgets hit shelves at a rapid pace, e-waste can accumulate exponentially. So don’t send this stuff to your home’s trash. Instead, you should bring e-waste to a hazardous waste drop-off site. 

Household Hazardous Waste

In Florida, 90% of drinking water comes from the ground, so all toxic materials that could contaminate the water supply need to be disposed of in remote locations. To reduce impact to the environment, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection centers take things such as paint, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and, yes, e-waste. 

Drop-Off Site Safety

Hazardous waste drop-off sites contain liners that prevent toxic materials from leaching into the ground. They also have separate compartments designed for particular materials. 

These sites are generally built on a layer of clay, which is a natural barrier that resists liquid runoff. Plastic membranes line the clay for further impermeability. Finally, the waste is covered by a top layer of plastic, clay, drainage, and topsoil. All of these measures combine to keep e-waste from coming into contact with and harming the environment.

Disposing of E-Waste Yourself

If you’re thinking of burying or burning your e-waste to save the trip to a drop-off site, the effort saved will result in greater damage to the surrounding habitat. Burying electronics will cause the hazardous internals to make quick contact with the soil and leach out. Burning e-waste is a fast way to release all contained toxic chemicals directly into the atmosphere!

ShredQuick Makes Quick Work of E-Waste

If you have old computers and hard drives with important information on them, you certainly don’t want to throw them away carelessly. But you don’t want them sitting around collecting dust anymore, either! ShredQuick is the solution. We can come on-site and shred them right then and there! 

Unlike some other recycling companies that part out your old computer and ship the pieces off to third-world countries, our environmentally safe recycling process ensures that the toxic chemicals and metals in your old computer are dealt with responsibly. Get rid of your e-waste and have peace of mind with ShredQuick!

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