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Maybe, data is only a four-letter word. Yet, it is the driving force behind many businesses. In reality, many things are considered “data”.

This includes client or vendor payment information and employee social security numbers. Additionally, it pertains to bank account information and health records.

Essentially, data is a company’s life-source. Without it, you cannot run a business. Additionally, if it is stolen or compromised, your business will likely suffer.

Of course, proper data and document destruction in a business-setting are crucial. Further, when destroying data, you should do something important.

It’s being confident about the complete and permanent data destruction. In order to increase your data destruction confidence, follow these tips:

Employ a Data Destruction Company

Naturally, you can destroy data yourself. However, you need a guarantee that the data on your electronics is safe and properly destroyed.

Therefore, employ a company to physically destroy your hard drives. There are document shredding companies that offer mobile document shredding.

Consider ShredQuick. They’re a Florida document shredding company. They come to your place of business and perform data destruction on-site.

Physical destruction is unlike overwriting or degaussing (discussed below). Instead, it crushes and shreds a hard drive after an over-write or degaussing.

This ensures that all data is permanently wiped and cannot be retrieved. The goal is data destruction confidence.

Actually, this option provides the most peace of mind. That’s because the hard drive is wiped and physically destroyed.

Overwrite More Than Once

Perhaps, you plan on reusing an old hard drive. Maybe, you prefer to dispose of a hard drive yourself. One way of making your data irretrievable is by overwriting the drive.

However, you need to increase your data destruction confidence levels. Also, you want to ensure that the data is sufficiently buried.

Thus, your hard drives should undergo multiple overwrites. While time-consuming, multiple overwrites successfully bury data.

Do Not Rush Degaussing

Hard drive degaussing involves eliminating a hard drive’s magnetic field (i.e. the data). However, degaussing should be done carefully.

Follow instructions exactly as they are written. In truth, it’s crucial that you use a degausser. Choose one that sufficiently erases the data on your hard drive model.

Treat data destruction as a high-risk security measure. After all, it’s not merely another thing to check off of a to-do list.

In doing so, your data destruction confidence levels will increase. This is because you’ve followed the required steps.

This ensures your data is permanently erased or buried. It cannot be retrieved by even the most skilled hackers.