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Eliminate the Likelihood That Fraud Will Occur by Shredding Important Documents

Today, every corner of industry is at some point affected by instances of fraud. In fact, the threat has been present and real since the 1800s. In reality, it results in billions of dollars in losses throughout the U.S. Interestingly, many business managers don’t realize something. It’s that it is not only “inside jobs” or privileged data access that results in fraud.

Of course, most companies host a variety of documents. Included, is a lot of sensitive and confidential information. All of this must be strictly controlled and monitored. In doing so, it will defend against potential instances of fraud and other data theft. To that end, Florida companies can stay ahead of the game with an efficient paper shredding plan.

First, it is important to fully understand fraud and its negative consequences.

Getting to Know Fraud

Essentially, fraud is intentionally wrongful or criminal deception. Really, it’s executed for financial or personal gain at other’s expense. Certainly, there are many financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and other Florida companies handling sensitive information.

In reality, they’re all aware of this risk. Therefore, they remain on constant alert. Truthfully, fraud appears in many forms. These include an accidental leak of personal records. Also involved, are unlawful uses of bank information. Another, is poor document control by employees. These all lead to debilitating decisions.

Fraud also comes in a variety of flavors. They include corporate espionage, identity theft, and telemarketing fraud. Actually, medical records are common targets for fraud. Really, they can be altered to siphon money elsewhere. Also, business plans are sometimes accessed. They’re used to purposefully damage a company’s future growth efforts.

Certainly, matters can be made worse. Often, fraud is difficult to prove or recover lost resources. Further, this is an incentive for companies to implement strict paper shredding programs. Truthfully, they must apply to all outdated or unused documents.

What’s the Risk?

Of course, document control should be the priority of any risk management program. Really, that’s because documents left “out in the open” are susceptible to theft. Actually, this can be by nefarious internal employees or thieves rifling through the trash.

Think about especially resourceful data crooks. They, in fact, will swipe an entire bag of shredded documents. Then, they’ll spend untold hours reassembling the tiny paper strips.

Also, government requirements are a concern. That’s because there are many current regulations. Accordingly, these require companies to hold hard-copy data for a number of years. Until the expiration date arrives, employ a secure and manageable control method.

Thus, partner with a professional paper shredding service. In doing so, they provide certificates. These ensure documents are controlled and destroyed according to security standards.


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