What’s the best policy when it comes to meeting criteria spelled out by privacy laws? You can begin by encouraging weekly paper shredding. Then, hire a Florida document shredding service. They will secure your documents at every stage of the process.

First, they provide locking bins in your office. Then, they shred on-site while you watch. Finally, they haul remains to a secure recycling facility. Therefore, you need to get your employees on board with upholding shredding policies.

Perhaps, you produce a lot of paper waste. In that case, you might want to set up a schedule for document shredding at regular intervals. Try it on a weekly basis, for example.

How can you ensure your employees submit hard copies to the shredding bin for weekly pick-up? Do they ensure that papers aren’t lying around on desks? Maybe, they go into the trash where they could be taken by other employees or outsiders.

Here are a few ways to promote your weekly paper shredding policy.

Adopt a Clean Desk Policy

It’s best to encourage employees to place papers containing sensitive data in document destruction bins in a timely manner. This is done by adopting a clean desk policy. It means that every employee leaves their desk clean and clear of clutter.

It needs to be done at the end of each business day, before they go home. Maybe there’s paper to be saved for further use. Thus, it should be filed in a locked cabinet. Then, any waste should be placed in locking bins for shredding.

Make it Easy

Employees have enough to worry about with the demands of their daily workload. Therefore, if you make a task too tedious, they might just push it off again and again. Of course, you want to ensure timely shredding of documents containing sensitive data.

Thus, make the process easy by providing multiple bins for disposal. Place one on each floor of a building. Additionally, provide one for every department. This will ensure that proper document disposal is convenient.

Create Green Challenges

Maybe you have locking bins on hand. Yet, employees may still take the easy way out by tossing papers in trash cans under their desks. Even if they’re careful, some sensitive data could slip through the cracks.

Thus, ensure a policy that requires all hard copies be shredded. Plus, you might also want to challenge employees. Ask them to do their part for the planet.

Ensure documents are picked up and recycled by your mobile document shredding service. This is better than their being shipped to the landfill.