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End of Year Shredding Best Practices for Businesses

Soon, we’re are moving into tax season. Hence, many companies are busy with year-end accounting and records management. Really, the size of your Florida business doesn’t matter.

No doubt, you’ve added lots of information in paper and digital form. Likely, you’ve replaced old computers, printers or other peripherals. Perhaps, sensitive data slated for shredding or disposal is piled up. Maybe, it’s in a storage closet somewhere.

Yet, data protection is not something to take lightly. Possibly, yours is a young start-up company or seasoned business. In either case, responsible data shredding is critical. In doing so, it ensures a profitable and data-safe future.

Therefore, let’s look at some proven strategies of document shredding.

Make It A Formal Affair

In reality, end-of-year tasks take lots of time. Also, they’re challenging. Thus, make it easier by making an announcement. Essentially, have your staff collect anything in their workspace or department for shredding.

Actually, formalize this process by establishing an in-house plan. With it, you label all data to be destroyed. Then, schedule regular “clean house” days. In doing so, everyone pitches in. Additionally, make the strategy even more effective. Select a trusted team member to oversee the shred-fest.

Do Your Detective Work

Of course, it’s a tall order to sift through every scrap of paper in your Florida office. Yet, you must determine what should stay and what to shred. Most companies have lots of files and digital documents lying around.

Indeed, these are never to be used again. However, rarely used documents just sit there. In fact, they’re vulnerable to theft or breach. Consequently, make it an investigative game.

Sort through everything, targeting “culprit” documents for shredding. Perhaps, you’re too busy at year-end. In that case, plan to make this happen a month earlier. In doing so, it keeps everyday production running smoothly.

Retain and Conquer

Perchance, you’re fully aware of specific document retention periods. They’re set forth by industry or government regulations. Thus, are you adhering to those times? Often, large Florida companies have internal document retention guidelines.

Though, even a three-person office should know what to keep and for how long. Factually, this knowledge allows you to regularly shred documents. It’s done per established regulations.

Evaluate and Innovate

Certainly, the end-of-year is a great time to look at something. It’s how the rest of the year flowed in terms of shredding and recycling. Hence, check for any weak or problem areas. Then, adjust as needed. Ensure you partner with a seasoned data destruction and business shredding services company. In doing so, you’ll launch into a successful new year.

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