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Explaining How Data Storage Works for Ft. Myers Businesses

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Do you have sensitive documents and data that you need to keep but don’t want the extra clutter? With data storage, you can get your Ft. Myers business organized. Here is everything to know about this helpful process. 

Data Storage Options and How They Work

You have a few options when it comes to data storage. Today, the majority of sensitive data or documentation is kept digital. So many storage options are, too. 

But, you can still keep your physical documents. These are just a few data storage options that your Ft. Myers business can utilize. 

Flash Memory Thumb Drives 

These flash drives are a favorite among business owners. Their small size and easy portability make them useful. In addition, a flash drive will consume little power and connect right to a laptop’s USB port to export any data. 

Once this is done, you can delete the data from the laptop and keep it safely on your flash drive. You can also add an encryption code to flash drives to prevent the theft of sensitive information. 

External Hard Drives 

This is a simple and relatively inexpensive method of data storage. With an external hard drive, you can connect one of these drives to the computer. The data that you store on a hard drive must be backed up elsewhere, however. 

When information kept on drives needs to be discarded, you can use ShredQuick’s services. 

Online Storage 

This is also known as remote storage. Your important data can be backed up to a secure and remote server. Doing so will protect your valuable data while still having access to it, too. 

In most cases, you’re able to log into the server from any computer. Therefore, sharing files with clients and employees is relatively easy. 

Physical Storage 

What if you have physical documents you need to store? Even though everything is digital these days, some important information is still kept on paper. When you need to store physical data, consider using a security container. 

These containers come in a variety of sizes based on your needs. You simply deposit your documents into the container as needed for on-site storage. If you need to dispose of the documents, call ShredQuick to shred them for you. 

ShredQuick for Data Storage 

If you want to keep documents until disposal time, consider our security containers. We have multiple sizes available, and you can schedule a routine pick-up, too. 

Store your data safely until disposal with ShredQuick today. 

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