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Factors to Consider When Customizing Your Ft. Myers Business’s Shredding Practice

A computer keyboard with a crumpled piece of paper and a pen on top of it.Perhaps, paper-shredding seems like a straightforward process. However, for businesses in Ft. Myers, lots of thought needs to go into it. Certainly, every company has diverse needs and principles.

Therefore, the proper control and care of information are very important. Actually, businesses can customize their shredding. They decide what’s most important to them. Here are a few factors to think about when deciding about a shredding policy: 

Volume and Storage Space

These days, we use electronic file-keeping. Yet, many Ft. Myers companies still generate lots of used paper. The average employee in a small business goes through 10,000 sheets a year.

Consequently, companies must find room to keep it all. A document-shredding policy can help relieve the storage burden. Actually, there are two options: selective shredding or all-encompassing shredding.

Confidentiality Needs

Of course, company papers can contain a lot of sensitive information. Hence, that can spell disaster if it falls into the wrong hands. For example, there are exposed employee files, income and expense reports, and trade secrets.

All of these can cause damage in terms of security and competition. Even items like shipping labels, scratch paper or post-it notes carry that risk. Thus, comprehensive shredding is a choice for reducing it. 

Customer and Business Partner Demands

Frequently customers and third-party partners have certain requirements. Businesses need a dedicated and prompt procedure for destroying personal information. Sometimes, these security measures are written into the contract. In those situations, shredding is a core practice in keeping information safe. 

Legal Protection

Federal and local agencies have strict regulations. They relate to the preservation and elimination of documentation. In fact, these rules help protect customer privacy.

Also, they prevent security breaches. Companies must keep these regulations in force. Otherwise, they expose themselves to the risk of litigation. Accordingly, a common-sense shredding policy helps ease that legal jeopardy. 

Budget Concerns

Many Ft. Myers companies (especially larger ones) may find it more affordable to conduct one big “purge”. This is instead of a piecemeal, doc-by-doc basis. Yet, smaller companies may control expenses through less frequent shredding. In reality, policies need to be tailored to each business. 


In business, time is almost as important to budget as money. Truthfully, an office is a busy place. Occasionally, maintenance duties cut into the time needed to get business done.

Consequently, preparing for shredding may not always be easy to do frequently. Therefore, a shredding policy schedule should complement the pace of business. 


In fact, paper headed to the shredder still contains private information. Hence, establish security procedures for all steps of the elimination process. Then, enforce them with business’s employees and the shredding company they hire. 

The Best Choice for Customizing Shredding in Ft. Myers

ShredQuick is experienced in every phase of the shredding process. Really, they can help your business decide upon a shredding policy. They will suggest one that’s unique to your business’s needs. Give us a call to find out more.

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