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These days, almost everyone understands the importance of protecting data.  Also, they recognize the price paid after a data breach and/or identity theft.

Many customers entrust companies with sensitive customer data.  Thus, they take great pains to protect information from compromise.

Digital security is a major undertaking.  Of course, that includes firewalls, antivirus programs, password protections, encryption, and network monitoring.

Conversely, do you put as much thought into the disposal of outdated information or equipment?  If not, you should.

Fighting identity theft doesn’t end when you dispose of data.  Truthfully, you have to ensure you engage in the proper hard drive, device, and document destruction.

In doing so, you’ll comply with applicable laws and keep confidential data safe.  Here are a few ways your Florida document shredding service helps you fight identity theft.

Secure On-Site Storage

Perhaps, you’re throwing documents with sensitive data into open bins.  This is hardly a recipe for keeping it confidential.  Perhaps, a trusted team member sneaks a peek.

Maybe, they steal and misuse data they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  Thus, it’s best to remove temptation.  Choose the right document shredding partner.

Hence, you’ll be provided with locking bins for in-office use.  This, in turn, reduces the threat of internal theft.

On-Site Shredding

Maybe, security is your concern.  Do you send sensitive documents or electronic devices away to be wiped and shredded?

You should know that there are reputable mobile document shredding services.  They provide on-site shredding.  This means they will pick up locked bins on a regular schedule.

In fact, you’ll watch as documents are destroyed at your location.  In addition, the shredding is done with industrial machines.

They meet the highest government standards for privacy regulations.  That includes strict measures under HIPAA, FACTA, and more.

Secure Transfer and Recycling

Where do shredded remains go for recycling?  Actually, the right mobile document shredding service transfers them from your location.

They send them to a secure recycling facility.  In doing so, it ensures all materials are kept safe from external threats. Also, it makes certain that they’re recycled and kept with associated laws.

Certified Practices

It’s important to know the document shredding company you partner with meets the highest standards for security.  Also, they must comply and with all applicable regulations.  These include consumer privacy, environmental laws, etc.

Always, look for an AAA Certified status with the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).  Thus, you’ll ensure getting the security and peace of mind by fighting a data breach and identity theft.