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Going Paperless: 5 Tips to Make the Transition Easier in Ft. Myers

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Going paperless is an initiative that many businesses both here in Ft. Myers and around the world are currently taking on. Recycling efforts have greatly increased in the past years, with 68% of paper and paperboard ultimately recycled in the United States, but that still isn’t enough.

Reduction plays an essential role in the responsible use of our natural resources as well. It’s up to everyone to reduce paper use at the office, and here are some tips to make that transition a bit easier.

1. Get Used to Scanning Everything

Among the biggest challenges to transitioning to paperless is still relying on paper records. Your office can move the transition along faster by scanning all paper documents to have a digital record. Then, your team can get used to working with digital copies exclusively and eventually drop paper altogether.

2. Push Paperless Billing Everywhere

Your business likely receives various bills and invoices, many of which are still paper. Depending on the nature of your business, you could still be putting out paper invoices as well. It’s best to avoid this whenever possible, so sign up for paperless billing wherever possible and start offering it for your clients.

3. Familiarize Your Team with Digital Note-Taking

Taking physical notes is one of the most challenging tasks to transition to a digital solution. Simply scrawling something on a piece of paper is fast, intuitive, and easy. It provides a level of versatility that word processors can’t deliver. However, there are effective tools like EverNote and OneNote that your team could start using for notes.

4. Implement Digital File Sharing

Physically bringing paper documents to where they need to go isn’t very efficient, but everyone knows how to do it. Digital file-sharing is a much better way to handle this task but can prove a hurdle for some. Make sure your team understands how to effectively use the document management system that your company uses.

5. Redirect Faxes to Email

If your business still receives faxes, consider rerouting them to email. Most modern fax machines and copiers have the built-in functionality to do so quite easily.

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