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Guide to Shredding Services Available for Bradenton Businesses

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Do you run a Bradenton-based business that involves handling confidential client documents? Are you looking for a convenient shredding solution that will help you protect private customer information? Unsure which shredding service is right for you?

If this sounds familiar, read on for a complete guide to shredding services for your Bradenton business. Below, you will find a direct comparison of the two primary shredding options and learn why you shouldn’t handle shredding in-house.

Can’t I Just Shred Documents In-Office?

Many businesses make the mistake of handling document shredding in-office. While this does solve the problem of protecting confidential information, it is extremely inefficient.

Think about it. You have an entire floor of employees focused intently on completing their daily tasks. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the sounds of the shredder chopping up a handful of documents.

Since these devices can only handle a few pages at a time, they are subjected to several minutes of this awful noise while your employee shreds that 50-page packet. Shredding documents in-house does not only distract the employee doing the shredding, but it disrupts the entire work environment.

In addition, these devices can be costly and prone to failure, requiring ongoing maintenance or replacement. Partnering with an on-site shred service provider like ShredQuick is the much more practical approach. They offer several shredding services to meet the needs of your business.

Route Shredding

Route shredding is the best solution if your business has ongoing document disposal needs. When you sign up for this service, you will receive several secure disposal bins that your employees can use to discard confidential documents.

Our on-site shredder truck will respond at your scheduled interval to dispose of your documents. You can choose whichever interval best suits the needs of your organization. ShredQuick has weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly route shredding options.

Bulk Shredding

If your business primarily operates with digital files, then route shredding services may be too frequent. An alternative solution is bulk shredding. This is a great choice if you need to purge your old files a few times per year. During bulk shredding, one of our shredder trucks will arrive at your scheduled appointment and dispose of all of your old files in no time.

Bradenton On-Site Shredding Services

ShredQuick is the premier on-site shredding service in Bradenton. We offer excellent pricing and flexible service options to meet the needs of your business. Contact us today if you would like to obtain a quote or schedule a bulk shred.

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