Hard Drive Destruction

Recycling your old office computer and other electronics without completely removing the data or shredding the hard drive could result in your confidential information ending up in the wrong hands.

A single data breach of a hard drive can cost your organization thousands and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, fines and lost business due to bad PR. That’s why ShredQuick offers the most secure destruction process available that we call, the Ultimate Hard Drive Destruction Process.


The Ultimate Hard Drive and Media Destruction Process

ShredQuick is The ONLY Information Security Company That Destroys EVERY Hard Drive to The Stringent Standards Required By The NSA and The Defense Department.

  • On-Site Hard Drive Destruction at Your Facility
  • We Erase Your Data Then Shred The Drives
  • Meets Stringent NSA and DoD Security Standards
  • Awarded Highest Security Rating – “AAA Certified”

Will The Hard Drive Destruction Company You Choose Meet The Highest Security Standards?

Some information security companies won’t even shred your hard drives. These companies will claim that they shred them, but they are only bending the drives or drilling holes in them. What they won’t tell you is that data thieves can still mine old hard drives you thought were destroyed and collect bits of confidential information. And if they do, it can expose your organization to lost business, government fines, and bad PR.

How Highly-Secure Government Agencies Destroy Their Computer Hard Drives

When the NSA or the Department of Defense needs to destroy their old computer hard drives and other media, they don’t take chances that their confidential and sometimes classified information will still be retrievable. They insist that the information security companies that destroy their hard drives not only shred the hard drives, but that they must also erase all the data by degaussing them, before the old hard drives are shredded.

The only way to ensure that your hard drive data is 100% destroyed is to choose the same process required by the NSA and the DoD. When you first degauss (erase) the hard drives and then shred the drives it’s the Ultimate Hard Drive Destruction Process.

We First Erase Your Data and Then Shred Your Hard Drives

ShredQuick doesn’t just shred your computer hard drives and other media. We first use a degaussing machine that employs four large magnets to remove all electronic encoding off your hard-drives. Then for added protection we also shred your hard drives and provide a certificate of destruction to verify that your confidential hard-drive information is gone forever.

This destruction process is so safe and secure it’s been chosen by the NSA, Defense Department, and other government agencies to protect their most sensitive information. That’s why we call it The Ultimate Hard Drive Destruction Process and we make it available to everyone at a price that other information security companies charge just for destroying the hard drives.

The only way to ensure that your hard drive data is 100% destroyed is to choose the same process required by the NSA and the DoD. When you first degauss (erase) the hard drives and then shred the drives it’s the Ultimate Hard Drive Destruction Process.

Here’s How Our Ultimate Hard Drive Destruction Process Works:

Step 1: Scan Serial Numbers

Our service tech scans the serial numbers for every hard-drive.

HardDrive process

Step 2: Erase Your Data

We remove all electronic encoding (data) from your hard drives with our degaussing machine.


Step 3: Shred Hard Drives

All hard drives are then placed into the shredder and shredded into small pieces so that your information is completely irretrievable.

Shred hard Drives

Step 4: Record Shredding Process

We record the shredding of your hard drives and burn a copy to DVD or flash drive.

record Process

Step 5: Provide Documentation

We provide a Certificate of Destruction, Serial Number Report, and a DVD or flash drive of your shred so that you have comprehensive documentation for your chain of custody.

provide documentation

Step 6: Recycle Materials

After our shredding trucks return to our facility, all shredded hard drives are prepared for secure recycling.

recycle materials

View The Shredding Process

If you want to witness the shredding of your hard drives we invite you to view the entire process in our air-conditioned shredding truck lounge.

view the process

U Ship – We Shred

If you’re looking for the most economical way to destroy your hard drive data then our U-Ship – We Shred program may be right for you.

As the name implies you can ship to us your hard drives and we’ll degauss and shred them at our secure facility. We provide a secure container for you to ship your hard drives to us and we will also forward tracking information to you, so that you can check the status of your materials during transit. We recommend that you take photos of the contents before shipping as we will take photos of the contents of your container when it arrives to verify the contents. You should be aware that there is some risk involved, because no matter which shipping method you choose, carriers do lose packages from time to time.

We Destroy More Than Just Hard Drives

While it’s vitally important to destroy your old hard drives it’s equally important to destroy other media that contains confidential information. Here’s a brief list of other media that ShredQuick can destroy, to help protect your business and your privacy.

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ShredQuick Has Been Awarded The Highest Security Rating, “AAA Certified” By The National Association For Information Destruction

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