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Hard drive disposal do’s and don’ts for your St. Petersburg business

An electronic hard drive on a grey background.
Hard drives, like all technology, eventually decline and wistfully die away. That’s a fact of life for all St. Petersburg businesses who rely on technology to some extent — i.e., all St. Petersburg businesses. But the outdated information on a hard drive dies hard.

Disposing of your outdated hard drive requires more forethought and caution than simply formatting them and chucking them into a wastebasket. There’s an established and dependable process that ensures your business doesn’t suffer unexpected exposure from old hard drive data. When you’re getting rid of a hard drive in your office, follow the guidelines in this list of dos and don’ts:


Hard drive disposal: Do these things

  • Store your to-be discarded hard drives in a secure place as you wait for the shredding service to come to you (or you go to them).
  • Keep an ongoing checklist of all the items that are getting disposed of. Maintain strict visibility of your hard drives’ end-of-life functions so you can cross-check them later.
  • Let your accounting department know that you’re getting rid of the hard drive, so they can write it off their accounts and record its status.
  • Hire a reputable, professional shredding company — that’s the only way you can be assured your hard drives are demolished with no hope of any data recovery.
  • Ask for a certificate from your shredding company that the hard drive has been totally eliminated. Every professional shredder has final certification as part of their core service — don’t be afraid to insist upon it.


Hard drive disposal: Dont do these things

  • Take disposal matters into your own hands. In-house shredding never offers the destruction services you need to ensure legal compliance and protection. This includes just deleting hard drive files, erasing or formatting the drive, throwing it away, recycling it, or dropkicking it into Saint Joseph Sound. None of those activities will fully protect the sensitive data on your drive.
  • Leave your hard drives in on-site company storage. Although you should make sure they’re safely packed away in wait for the shredding company, don’t forget they’re there. Any unauthorized employee or another person can still access discarded items if they really want to. Keep tabs on the hard drive until you hand them off to the shredder.
  • Take the shredders word that the hard drives have been destroyed. We pride ourselves on our honesty and forthrightness, but even still, make sure you get a certificate of destruction, as it’s an important document to have in case you run into legal action about your data destruction practices.


ShredQuick to the rescue

ShredQuick shredders are the masters of all matters of proper data and device destruction in St. Petersburg. When your hard drives are nearing their final destination, give us a call to find out how we can help.

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