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Hard Drive Shredding Fort Myers

Hard drives are known to contain sensitive and confidential information. The disposal protocol of many companies, involves either reformatting or erasing the outdated physical drives. However, this method doesn’t ensure that your personal data cannot be sought out and exposed. The premier solution is to shred the hard drive. Only physical destruction guarantees the optimum protection your business needs.

Isn’t erasing/formatting the hard drive enough?
Simply put, no. Those methods will only hide information that you want to keep confidential. Most trained IT specialists can obtain private data, if the drive is physically intact. Only complete obliteration and proper disposal of a hard drive is the surest way to remove the risk of information breaches.

Why do customers choose us for hard drive shredding?
We offer a professional service that takes all the required measures to effectively and permanently destroy old hard drives. We successfully collaborate with customers and businesses in Ft. Myers to offer shredding services at unbeatable prices. Choosing us for hard drive shredding services, benefits you with safe and secure process. Ask us about regularly scheduled pick-up service, and as-needed services. You’ll feel confident when we hand you a “Certificate of Destruction”. Don’t be exposed and vulnerable with confidential information. Opt for our professional service of hard drive shredding. Contact us today for a quote – it’s our mission to provide a guarantee that your data remains confidential.