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Helpful Advice for Implementing a Data Destruction Policy

Today, most businesses have dedicated procedures in place addressing sustainability. Additionally, this applies to other environmentally-friendly efforts. That includes everything from reusable utensils to paper recycling.

Your office might also employ a robust document destruction program. This is done in a bid to ensure the privacy of information and the prevention of identity theft. Also, it is doing your part to help our planet.

Indeed, you are making the right choices. Yet, do you have a comprehensive Florida data destruction policy in place? These days, there is rampant identity theft, in spite of diligent attempts at thwarting the trend.

Therefore, it is critical to create and implement a policy committed to document shredding. Data storage rates continue to decrease. As a result, we continue to collect even more of it. Plus, we’re reluctant to part with it.

However, we can’t simply keep amassing enormous quantities of data. Truthfully, digital data doesn’t include the physical element. Hence, at some point enough is enough. It’s time to resolve it.

For example, restaurants take in large amounts of customer credit information every day. Investment firms hold classified client data. Real estate companies have sensitive employee information on hand. Also, they have loads of information on home buyers and sellers.

Other types of private information include:

  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Travel Documents
  • Pay Stubs
  • School Records

How do you destroy this information? In fact, it’s up to you. It depends on your company’s scenario and needs. There are several types of document destruction. This includes mobile document shredding and on-site shredding.

Also, it encompasses transport to a shredding facility and digital data destruction. Here are some tips to implement a data destruction policy at your company.


Leaking confidential employee and client information from a company is a big deal. In reality, it carries equally concerning risks. They contain things such as lost revenue, security leaks, and compromised property or company strategy.


Create a policy around where media stands in its life cycle. Consider media being sent back to use within the company. Likely, this entails a different destruction standard than with hard drives.


Implement physical and software tools appropriate for various levels of data destruction. You can manage these tools internally or through the services of specialized vendors. Either way, the process must verify the success of the selected steps.


In all cases, your data destruction procedure should include close inspection and verification. Also, don’t forget about the quality assurance review from company managers.

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