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Helpful Document Management Tips for Realtors

Indeed, realtors in Florida and beyond provide a valuable service. They help people find the homes of their dreams. Of course, the process is exciting for homebuyers. Yet, it comes with lots of paperwork for the realtor.

Piles of paper grow with each day of house-hunting. This includes home contracts, property deeds, legal documents, etc. Additionally, there are state and local compliance regulations.

They require keeping documents for 5-10 years. Really, think about all that paper! Often, realtors face a records management challenge. Hence, document organization is the answer. In truth, it eases the frustration.

Let’s look at some document management tips for realtors.

Consider Off-Site Storage

Certainly, every home bought or sold requires organizing, signing, updating, and lots of paperwork. Truthfully, it takes up a lot of office space. This, in turn, makes it difficult to find any important documents. Also, it takes a lot of time. Plus, it reduces efficiency.

Instead, consider off-site storage options. Select a reputable company. They lock up your documents. Additionally, they help convert everything to digital form. Quickly, you’ll have a clean office.

Keep It Secure

Truthfully, Florida real estate transactions carry a potential for risk. In fact, client data security breaches cost roughly $3,000. Plus, almost half as much in subsequent lost business. Mostly, physical theft or targeted hacks are common. In reality, thieves take social security numbers, bank information, and related financials.

A realtor must keep client information secure to avoid potential lawsuits or debilitating data breaches:

  • Don’t use flash drives. They are easy to lose and common targets for hackers.
  • Use only password-protected files when transferring anything online.
  • Get an email and phone confirmation when approving funds transfer.
  • Establish automatic file backups.
  • Make use of trusted document record-keeping systems.

There Is A Breach. Now What?

Perhaps, a data breach is present. Maybe, you’re recovering from one. In either case, do the following:

  • Fully investigate the incident to verify all the facts.
  • Contact local law enforcement in cases of physical theft. For cyber-crime, call the FBI.
  • Gather an internal response team to look into the breach.
  • Notify your clients immediately. Really, explain what happened. Then, tell them what information was lost. Finally, convey steps to remedy. Also, ask what you can do to help.

Of course, this all depends on strict organization. In fact, you’ll be a better realtor for it.

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