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Here’s How the NSA Destroys Their Hard Drives—Now Tampa Business Owners Can Do It, Too

A close up of a microchip with "NSA" on part of it. This image represents how the NSA destroys hard drives.

Your computer knows a lot. What would happen if it fell into the wrong hands? Hard drives contain sensitive personal data such as financial information, personal documents, and other personal information that most people prefer to keep (and frankly ought to keep) private.

If you operate a business in Tampa, your computers may contain customer records, patient records, and other data that should be carefully handled. Medical records, in particular, are governed by stringent laws to protect patient confidentiality. In many ways, your business’s reputation depends on maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

That being the case, how can you be sure your hard drives are properly destroyed?

NSA Standards for Hard Drive Destruction

The government and the National Security Agency (NSA) destroy their hard drives by first erasing them with a degausser. This machine emits magnetic strength that is two or three times more powerful than the magnetic intensity of your hard drive, effectively deleting their contents by making data unreadable and unrecoverable.

As if that weren’t enough, the NSA then physically destroys the drive itself by shredding it with a specialized shredder. Government regulations usually demand that a third party carries out the shredding process for complete security and impartiality.

Hard Drive Destruction Near Me

Now, Tampa business owners can experience this same level of security thanks to ShredQuick’s hard drive destruction services.

Our degaussing machines completely erase the contents of your hard drives. We then place your hard drives into our specialized shredding machines for total destruction and disposal.

ShredQuick records the entire process on video. After the process is complete, we provide you with a copy of the video on either a DVD or flash drive. We also provide you with a certificate of destruction, or COD, for your records. This record can be important for chain of custody documentation.

At ShredQuick, we even invite you to observe the whole process from one of our air-conditioned shredding truck lounges, so you never have any doubts about the security of your sensitive data.

Hard Drive Destruction Through the Mail

We also present customers with the option to mail us hard drives, and we can destroy them at our secure facility. You’ll get tracking information so you can monitor the process from afar, though be advised that this process will always be less secure than our state-of-the-art on-site services.

We Shred It All

ShredQuick can also provide shredding services for other electronic media such as flash drives, optical media, and even older floppy disks—and that’s to say nothing of our top-of-the-line document shredding services.

Is your business ready for the highest level of security? If so, contact ShredQuick today.

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