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It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Have you ever been overwhelmed by someone or something?  If so, you know that too much of a good thing can leave you with a sense of fatigue.  Case in point: security fatigue.

Surprisingly, people could grow weary of something as essential as security.  Now, we’re in the modern era of passwords and encryption.

Actually, the average worker can begin to feel weighed down by security requirements.  That’s because they take time and energy away from the actual job.

In fact, you need security measures.  This includes document destruction, keycards, passwords, and more.

However, you don’t want your employees stuck in a load of security protocols.  Overwhelming them with security policies and procedures could backfire.

Actually, they might ignore security protocols.  This includes updating passwords, avoiding spammy links, or reporting suspicious activity.

How can you ensure that employees stay on track with security features?  Do they use locking bins for document shredding? Perhaps, they keep their passwords private.

Here’s what to do when employees experience security fatigue.

Use Fail-Safes

Of course, with IT professionals and a reputable Florida document shredding company in place, you can do a lot.

That includes securing data to comply with applicable privacy laws.  However, you do have to rely on employees to pull their weight to some degree.

Certainly, you can minimize their level of responsibility in a number of ways.  This includes implementing fail-safes.  For example, you can use special software.

It warns employees about potentially dangerous websites.  Also, it may stop them from visiting these sites altogether.

Perhaps, it creates a system that prompts users to create new passwords periodically.  Possibly, it requires specific features.  For example, it may contain 12 or more characters, including caps and lowercase, numbers, etc.

Hence, these are just a few fail-safes that decrease employee responsibility and security fatigue.

Task Your IT Department

Updates are an essential part of maintaining security.  Yet, it’s all too easy for employees to forget to run them.  What can you do?

You can task your IT department with staying on top of all updates.  Also, they can implement protocols.  This includes software and firmware automatic updates on a schedule.

Provide Regular Training

Of course, your employees need to behave in a secure and responsible manner.  Also, do your part.

Provide regular training on everything including identifying phishing scams.  In doing so, you’ll make the most of your mobile document shredding service.