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HIPAA compliant document shredding options for your Orlando business

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Orlando healthcare companies come in all forms and sizes: large hospitals, small clinics, specialists, even freelance consultants. No matter their functions and duties, they’re all subject to compliance standards as set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which addresses the privacy of patient information.

Document shredding and data destruction are a couple of ways medical businesses ensure compliance with the HIPAA Act. The best way to do so is to retain the services of a professional shredder. While this may make the most sense for hospitals and large clinics that need as much work time as they can get, professional shredders are wise choices for smaller medical organizations as well. Here are ways a shredding company can help your medical business, however big or small.

Large businesses. Big businesses, organizations, and local hospitals generate a ton of documentation across a multitude of devices and paperwork. The most cost-effective solution for maintaining HIPAA compliance is to use the services of an off-site shredder.

The outsourced company comes around to pick up your sensitive documents, stored in locked bins that they often provide, according to a regular pickup schedule. They then handle all the data destruction themselves and issue you a certificate guaranteeing that the job is complete in case any professional regulators ask.

On-site shredders follow pickup routes, which allow them to retrieve items for shredding from multiple locations at one time. This is a convenient option for businesses with several local locations. Make sure you employ a shredder whose destruction process is certified by the NAID to ensure the best results.

Small businesses. Small offices don’t produce the same amount of paperwork and data large corporations do, but they have the same responsibility of eliminating sensitive and outdated information. For small agencies, clinics, local banks, or government offices, mobile shredding is the best choice.

In this practice, small business owners dispose of documents in a locked bin somewhere in the office. At your chosen time (or according to a regular schedule), the mobile shredder arrives and destroys the documents right on your site.

The biggest benefit of mobile shredding is that you can see the destruction process as it happens. Not only is it peculiarly satisfying to watch, but it also makes you more secure that your job is complete when you see it happening yourself. Mobile shredders also provide certification of full destruction once they’ve wrapped up.

Self-employed or freelance workers. Working from home is here to stay. But freelancers, contractors, consultants, lawyers, or anyone with a headcount of one may not have a lot of space to store old documentation destined for the shredder. One-person offices must meet relevant HIPAA policies as well. For them, drop-off shredding is usually the most logical option.

Simply collect all the documents you need to shred and drop them off at a professional shredding facility whenever you can. They’ll destroy your documents and provide you with official certification along with your receipt.

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