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Perhaps, you’re working in healthcare. Maybe, you are working with a document pertaining to the health of another person.

In either case, documents are handled differently than non-health-related documents. In fact, there are sensitive materials in health-related documents.

Thus, the HIPPA Privacy Rule was created. It ensures health information is protected.

What is the HIPPA Privacy Rule?

HIPPA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The HIPPA Privacy Rule is a national guideline.

There are certain standards in place. They protect the medical records and other personal health information of patients.

Actually, it requires that certain safeguards are enacted. In doing so, the safety and confidentiality of the health information is ensured.

Additionally, it gives patients the rights over their personal health information. This includes the ability to request copies of health records. Also, it allows corrections if errors are found.

Penalties for HIPPA violations are severe. Maybe, you are not aware that you have violated HIPPA.

Let’s say you can prove you did not know that you were violating the HIPPA Privacy Rule. In fact, you (or your company) could still face fines from $100 – $50,000 per violation maxed at $1.5 million in fines per year.

Perhaps, you willfully neglect HIPPA rules. Yet, you correct your mistake within thirty days. In reality, you can still be fined $10,000 – $50,000 per violation.

As you can see, HIPPA is not something to take lightly.

HIPPA-Compliant Document Scanning Basics

Of course, you make sure that you are properly disposing of confidential materials. Maybe, you utilize proper document destruction techniques.

This includes document shredding via a mobile document shredding company. Consider Florida document shredding company, ShredQuick.

Remember, it’s crucial that anything related to the health information of another person is scanned. It must be done in a HIPPA-compliant way.

Also, any security gaps relative to the HIPPA Privacy Act should be evaluated. Does your company deal with a large amount of HIPPA-protected information?

If so, have all employees undergo HIPPA compliance training. Thus, they’re educated on working with certain documents without violating HIPPA.

Lastly, let’s say you plan to outsource your document scanning. Hence, it is imperative that you choose a HIPPA compliance trained document-scanning company.

Also, select one that has a reputation for being discreet. Additionally, be sure they work with those in the healthcare sector. By doing so, this ensures the company has met the federal requirements.

They are put in place by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Additionally, be certain that the company understands the severity of HIPPA as a whole.